Charlie | Introducing the Brooklyn Robins


“‘In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened…’ the great Vin Scully’s words ring true for the Bridegroom franchise this year, as we have decided to change our name to the Brooklyn Robins. Before becoming the ‘Dodgers’ (defending world champion), the franchise had used team names including the Bridegrooms, Grooms, Superbas, and Robins. This is our salute to the storied history of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and their namesake from 1914 to 1931. Today not only marks a new era for our winning tradition, but a tip of the cap to the past. Adding Mookie Betts to our team was one of the highlights to our 2020 fantasy baseball season, and as we look ahead to 2021, becoming the 3rd winner of the Hum Babe Dynasty will be our next. Go Robins! #ItsTimeForRobinBaseball

Best 2020 Performances

  • Mookie Betts, OF – 323 points
  • AJ Pollock, OF – 234.5 points
  • Eugenio Suarez, 3B – 230.5 points
  • Brian Anderson, 3B – 219 points
  • Hyun Jin Ryu, SP – 210 points

Who Gets Cut?

  • Tony Gonsolin, SP – 26 yrs old, 123.33 points
  • James McCann, C – 30 yrs old, 123 points
  • Tyler Anderson, SP – 30 yrs old, 115.08 points
  • Tarik Skubal, SP – 24 yrs old, 77.75 points
  • Lorenzo Cain, OF – 34 yrs old, 21 points

2020 Strengths

  • Pitchers – Total Fantasy Points – 4th
  • Pitchers – Quality Starts – 4th
  • Pitchers – Innings Pitched – 3rd
  • Pitchers – Strikeouts – 4th

2020 Weaknesses

  • Hitters – Total Fantasy Points – 12th
  • Hitters – Runs Scored – 13th
  • Hitters – Doubles – 15th
  • Pitchers – (Fewest) Earned Runs Allowed – 14th

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