Introducing the London Bag Club

“The Thor and His Hammers had to look into a new direction. After reviewing our performance last season, we found all of our stud pitchers on the Injured Reserve and a plethora of promising prospects that we’d like to invest in. We had to decide between, buying into our three 1st Round Draft Picks and making a push with a middle-of-the-road roster, or hitting the restart button. We want to compete and so we started to play that strategy out, but when we found an opportunity to get a great return for Noah Syndergaard – a return that helps us immediately and in the future – we jumped at it. The only problem, our entire Franchise had been branded off of Synergaard’s reputation and nickname (Thor). Our entire system was designed for him to carry us to success, but just looking at the next couple seasons to come the Hum Babe Dynasty, we are very aware of our competition and the group of powerhouse teams poised to top the standings for the foreseeable future. Taking that into account, our Front Office decided to build our roster for the future. On another note, I strongly believe that the future of baseball is going to stretch beyond the United States borders and become a global market. So with all of that in mind, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to move to the great city of London and build our brand of the future. Our new identity, the London Bag Club, was formed behind the idea of class, poise, teas and crumpets; instead of branding our entire Franchise around one player, we now stand as a complete unit, a solid one, a sole Bag Club. We are excited for our new logo to transform into, not only our personal seal and a symbol of the great city of London, but also a future stamp of the Hum Babe Dynasty League.”

– General Manager of the London Bag Club

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