HB TRADE ALERT: Turner, Devers


After a vetoed first attempt at swapping Trea Turner and Rafael Devers, Morning Wood and the London Bag Club successfully evened the deal and completed a blockbuster move that included Turner, Devers, Aaron Judge, Michael Kopech and Eduardo Rodriguez.

Morning Wood receives:

  • Trea Turner, SS
  • Eduardo Rodriguez, SP
  • 2021 1st Round Draft Pick (LON)
  • 2021 1st Round Draft Pick (SF)

Reaction: “Morning Wood needed to make a move for a Shortstop. Manny Machado is no longer eligible at SS so he will have to move the 3B and that left room to move Devers. Had to give up a little more than we wanted with Judge, but the organziation believed Judge’s best days are behind him. Taking a risk for higher draft picks and hoping to add to our weak pitching staff.”

London Bag Club receives:

  • Rafael Devers, 3B
  • Aaron Judge, OF
  • Michael Kopech, SP
  • 2021 2nd Round Draft Pick (MW)
  • 2022 2nd Round Draft Pick (MW)

Reaction: “Trading Turner was hard. We weren’t open to it at first. We had to let go of Syndergaard for him and he scored the most points of all Shortstops last season. But for the price of Devers (24 yrs old) and a young potential arm [Kopech], we couldn’t see how, down the line a few years when we plan on competing for a ‘ship, that this trade would bite us in the butt. We feel like a whole new franchise and want to start the season going in with our identity of the future. We went all in on Devers and Kopech by adding a few first rounders to sweeten the deal, a little much if you ask us. Good thing the rest of the league thought so as well, adding Judge as a result [after the veto.]”


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