HB TRADE ALERT: Bellinger, Gleyber


The Brooklyn Robins are at it again, collecting as many LA Dodgers as possible, and this time former NL MVP Cody Bellinger. Wally Mash lands incredible potential on the other side of this deal with Gleyber Torres and Ian Anderson.

Brooklyn Robins receive:

  • Cody Bellinger, 1B/OF

Reaction: The Brooklyn Robins General Manager, in sheer excitement, was unable to make the Press Conference and instead was found running through the streets, quoted saying, “We’re going streaking! We’re going up the quad and to the gymnasium. There’s more coming… everybody’s doing it.”

The Brooklyn GM has since submitted the following press release: “As we prepare to add our 3rd MVP award winner to our roster, it comes with a great cost. We’d like to thank Gleyber and Ian for their time with our organization, and all they’ve done for the city of Brooklyn. They both have a bright future in our sport. Cody, welcome home. It may not be time to celebrate just yet though, we do need that shoulder in place.”

WALLY MASH receives:

  • Gleyber Torres, SS
  • Ian Anderson, SP

Reaction: The General Manager of Wally Mash must have just watched Mighty Ducks prior to walking into his Press Conference, he took no questions but instead left the audience with one quote, “A team isn’t a bunch of kids out to win. A team is something you belong to, something you feel, something you have to earn.” Hopefully Gleyber and Ian Anderson are ready for some more deep motivational speeches this season…


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