HB TRADE ALERT: Wander, Soroka


Wander Franco has found a suitor in the London Bag Club, paying the steep price of Mike Soroka and Royce Lewis.

Jackal Attack receiveS:

  • Mike Soroka, SP
  • Royce Lewis, SS

Reaction: Rumor has it the Jackal Attack’s Owner was watching The Natural in his office one afternoon, when his General Manager walked in and asked for permission to trade the most sought after prospect in baseball, Wander Franco. It’s still unclear whether Jackal’s Owner was answering that question directly or if he was so zoned into the movie that he didn’t even hear the question, nonetheless, Roy Hobbs had just broken his homemade bat Wonderboy on a long foul ball in the movie so the response given to Jackal’s General Manager was, “Go pick me a winner, Bobby.” The GM responded, “My name isn’t Bobby,” as he picked up the phone to call London and land Mike Soroka and Royce Lewis. We’ll have to wait and see if Jackal’s return matches Roy Hobbs’ – a light-tower shattering homerun.

London Bag Club receives:

  • Wander Franco, SS
  • Nick Pivetta, SP

Reaction: “If you build it, he will come.” – London Bag Club GM after assembling a roster full of talented youth, and finally claiming the prized gem, #1 overall prospect in baseball, Wander Franco.

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