Trade Deadline Update

A quick check-in on the 2022 HumBabe Dynasty Trade Market as we close in on the August 14th Deadline. With just a few weeks left in the Regular Season, General Managers will either look to make some final adjustments for their Postseason push or ready their squad for the 2023 Season.

Jackal Attack (9 – 5)

Jackal Attack has yet to make a trade this season, and probably won’t before the deadline. Their General Manager recently shared that he’s “probably just going to keep [his] team how it is for now,” and while atop the Mays Division, that may make some sense. But if they Say Hey Kids can run Jackal down by the end of the Regular Season, Jackal may be looking back and wishing they had found a way to better their 7th Best group of Hitters to go along with their 2nd Best Pitching Staff.

Recent Additions: Gunnar Henderson & Jordan Walker

Say Hey Kids (9 – 5)

When the initial deal for Aaron Nola fell through due to a League Veto, the Say Hey Kids jumped in with an offer that couldn’t be refused. In exchange for an ace Aaron Nola, Say Hey sent Michael Harris II, two top prospects and a 4th Round Pick to San Francisco. The price for a HumBabe top tier SP is steep, as it should be, but with a relatively weak remaining strength of schedule for Nola’s Phillies this move may pay off big here in 2022.

Recent Additions: Aaron Nola, Jackson Chourio & Gavin Williams

Perth Platypi (7 – 7)

Down under in Perth, the Platypi have been relatively quiet since their deal with London back in May (sent Alek Thomas to the Bag Club for Shea Langeliers), but they are definitely in the Playoff Picture. Sitting at the Basket Catch League’s #5 Seed, all they need to do to maintain that is hold off the Nashville Stars and try to run down the Say Hey Kids. Adding one or two pieces at this year’s deadline would certainly help that, but Perth’s main focus has been, and should be, adding pieces for a Championship run in 2023 and beyond.

Recent Additions: Matt Mervis & Cade Horton

Nashville Stars (4 – 10)

Arguably the most talked about team so far at this Season’s Trade Deadline, Straight Outta deGrompton made trades with enough magnitude to change their entire Franchise Brand. Sending Jacob deGrom to the London Bag Club in exchange for Pablo Lopez, Tim Anderson and Luis Severino, hence forth created the Nashville Stars. Even after they lost out on the addition of Aaron Nola, due to League Veto, this team has equipped themselves to be a real contender in the near future. But there’s no reason for this team to stop making deals now. After all, when you’re dubbed the “GM of the Year” by your peers with a quarter of a season still left to play, that’s something to live up to.

Recent Additions: Pablo Lopez, Tim Anderson, Luis Severino & Adrian Houser

LeBronto Blue James (12 – 2)

The LeBronto Blue James appear to be in some uncharted territory. Coming off back-to-back League Championships and still managing to keep Pablo at bay in their own division, LeBronto certainly looks capable of pulling off a “Three ‘Peat.” Recent transactions by the General Manager, however, appear to be more focused on Seasons beyond 2022. Two impactful contributors to the 2022 Blue James – Martin Perez and Austin Hays – were just sent to a Division Rival (Pablo) in exchange for a somewhat floundering Trevor Rogers. LeBronto has voiced a lot of confidence and belief in Trevor Rodgers’s future, and the price they were willing to pay made that abundantly clear. One could also argue that Martin Perez and Austin Hays were “Sell High” candidates, and if that ends up being true while Trevor Rogers bounces back, this could be the best Transaction made at the Deadline.

Recent Additions: Trevor Rogers & Alec Bohm

Pablo and the Secret Weapons (11 – 3)

At the other end of the recent Trevor Rogers trade stands Pablo and the Secret Weapons. Newly acquired Martin Perez and Austin Hays should bolster this 3rd Seed BCL Team headed into the Postseason and when you bolster a team that’s already leading the League in Hitting Points (by more than 200 pts) … watch out. Pablo will continue to rely of the heart of their order in Aaron Judge and Yordan Alvarez down the home stretch, but their 2022 Championship odds will come down to the performance of the Pitching Staff. Currently 3rd Best in the HumBabe Dynasty, Pablo Pitching trails only Orlando and LeBronto thus far – two teams they will most likely need to go through if they end up hoisting this year’s trophy.

Recent Additions: Martin Perez, Austin Hays & Seranthony Dominguez

Canadian Moose Mounties (3 – 11)

The Moose Mounties have spent 2022 feeling out what it means to be a HumBabe Dynasty Franchise. Anchored by Mike Trout, Manny Machado and Corey Seager, the Mounties have been active during the Deadline and in a very impressive way. At the expense of Carlos Rodon and DJ LeMahieu – two aging stars that don’t necessarily fit the long term roster – newly acquired Randy Arozarena, Joe Ryan, Jeremy Pena and Jeffrey Springs give a shot in the arm to this General Manager’s squad. All four of those additions are on the better side of 28 years old and easily fit into their collection of 15 Keepers for the 2023 Season. While still holding win-now pieces like J.D. Martinez, Joey Votto and Justin Turner, the Mounties may still have some wheeling and dealing left to do. Nonetheless, no matter what happens between now and the Deadline, this roster will be vastly improved from Pre to Post 2022 Trade Deadline.

Recent Additions: Randy Arozarena, Joe Ryan, Jeremy Pena & Jeffrey Springs

London Bag Club (2 – 12)

Arguably the League’s best General Manager to talk to if you’re looking to make a trade, the London Bag Club continues to headline the Trade Market. A Pitching Staff that has been good for the League’s 10th best Point Total so far in 2022, just added Jacob deGrom and Carlos Rodon to the fold. It’s been clear in the recent London trades, that they have their group of 2023 Keepers identified and they are willing to part with talented guys that don’t fit into that picture. Pablo Lopez, Tim Anderson, Luis Severino, Joe Ryan and Jeremy Pena have all left the London roster over the past week and find now find themselves as keepers for different Franchises. London most likely isn’t done before this year’s Deadline either, and while they have shown to be HumBabe’s weakest 2022 Hitting team, they may be in the market for something as crazy as taking one of two first basemen off of Jackal’s plate – Vlad Jr. and Freddie Freeman.

Recent Additions: Jacob deGrom, Carlos Rodon & Jackson Jobe

Brooklyn Robins (9 – 5)

The Brooklyn Robins have yet to complete a trade during the 2022 Season, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been absent. Known contenders in both the Aaron Nola and the Nick Castellanos sweepstakes, Brooklyn will continue to search for ways to supplement their 8th Best Hitting Point Total and 7th Best Pitching Point Total before the Deadline. Their two game lead in the SCL Ruth Division would grant them the 2nd Seed if postseason started today, where they would take on the Super Smash ‘Stros in Round One. The ‘Stros have the League’s 5th best Offense to date and 4th Best Pitching Staff, reason enough for the Robins to continue looking for help at the Outfield and Starting Pitcher positions.

Recent Additions: Zach Thompson, Luke Voit & Drew Hutchison

Wally Mash (7 – 7)

Wally Mash claimed a Division Title in 2022 and came out of the gates this Season with the same head of steam, but has recently cooled off. Now with the hairy Tubmen right on their heels for the Shot Call League Four Seed, Wally Mash may look to address some needs at the deadline. On the Hitting front, Wally Mash finds themselves with the League’s 3rd Worst Point Total this season and should probably look to address needs at the Catcher and Outfield positions if they have their eyes set on a 2022 prize. Their youth however, in the form of Jarren Duran, Trent Grisham, CJ Abrams and Oneil Cruz, may give enough reason to instead build for future contention.

Recent Additions: Matt Carpenter & Ramon Urias

hairy Tubmen (6 – 8)

The hairy Tubmen have been one of the most fascinating teams to follow throughout the 2022 Season. An overall season Point Total good for 6th Best in the League tells a much different story than their 6 – 8 record. HumBabe’s 4th strongest Hitting Team and 9th best Pitching Team may have an argument to be considered the Cinderella story once Postseason starts. They are going to have to make a push in order to clinch their playoff position and then get through a likely Round One Match-Up against both Wally Mash (the current 4 Seed) and the SCL Top Dog, Orlando Splitters. Needs to address before the Trade Deadline would mainly be steered towards the pitching staff, and given every team will try to make the same improvement, it may not be an easily accomplished feat. In the meantime, a healthy Frankie Montas will certainly move this squad in the right direction.

Recent Additions: Joey Gallo, James Kaprielian & Isaac Paredes

Florida Squeeze (4 – 10)

As one of four new comers to the HumBabe Dynasty in 2022, the Florida Squeeze haven’t put together an immediate winner, but they do have the strong building blocks of a promising future. Bobby Witt Jr., Ty France, Brendan Donovan, Zac Gallen and Eric Lauer frontline a group of valuable Dynasty pieces that this team will want to continue building around, while older contributors like Andrew McCutchen, Aaron Hicks, Alex Wood and Madison Bumgarner may be better served as trade chips to swap for longer term fits. Shopping for young talent in the Outfield will certainly be of interest to this Florida Squeeze General manager before the Deadline.

Recent Additions: Tyler Alexander, Raimel Tapia & Kevin Parada

Orlando Splitters (12 – 2)

The Splitters franchise appears to be All-In on this 2022 Season. One of the more active teams in terms of making transactions, Orlando has parted with Randy Arozarena, Jonathan India, Josh Winckowski, Jeffrey Springs, and almost parted with a 23 year old triple digit throwing Spencer Strider. Every move they’ve made, acquisitions of Tyler Mahle, Nick Castellanos, DJ LeMahieu, Max Muncy and Trey Manici, they all make sense for the here and now, but not much longer after that. Holding the best All-Time HumBabe Dynasty record and Point Totals is all fine-and-dandy but when it doesn’t result in adding your Franchise’s Logo to the Championship Banner, it doesn’t mean a whole lot – at least to this General Manager. There’s no telling what this team will be willing to part with, as long as the return helps produce their first League Title.

Recent Additions: Tyler Mahle, Nick Castellanos, DJ LeMahieu, Max Muncy, Trey Mancini & Bailey Ober

Super Smash ‘Stros (11 – 3)

The Super Smash ‘Stros are easily the most impressive turnaround story that the 2022 Season has had to offer. A 15th place finish in Total Points Scored during the 2021 Season has turned into an 11 – 3 record team in 2022 and trails only the Orlando Splitters in the Shot Call League (and by just one game.) Carried by Shane McClanahan and a second coming of Justin Verlander, the Super Smash ‘Stros rank 4th best in Pitching Points and 5th best in Hitting Points this Season. But are they equipped to take down HumBabe’s best when it comes time for Postseason? Verlander and the Houston Astros face one of the easier second half schedules that the MLB has to offer, but reinforcements at the Catcher or Utility position certainly won’t be off the table as this GM works through the Trade Deadline.

Recent Additions: Luis Gil, Aroldis Chapman & Cooper Hjerpe

San Francisco Studs (4 – 10)

Unfortunately the Studs have had to chalk the 2022 Season up as one that just hasn’t gone their way. Fernando Tatis Jr. riding the Injured Reserve list for most of the season is not an ideal scenario and when Luis Robert, Eloy Jimenez, Jesus Luzardo and others join him on the shelf, things really aren’t in a position to win. This GM has managed to make the most of the situation however, and acquired a 21 year old rising star in Michael Harris II along with top tier prospects in Marco Luciano, Francisco Alvarez and Jackson Holliday at the expense of some older players that are better suited on Win-Now teams.

Recent Additions: Michael Harris II, Marco Luciano, DL Hall & Francisco Alvarez

El Paso Border Patrol (2 – 12)

El Paso has proven their ability to participate in the HumBabe Trade Market and acquire young talent, it just hasn’t all come together to build a winning squad just yet. Along the journey the Border Patrol have seen Bryan Reynolds come into his own, Dylan Carlson get his feet wet and added even more promise to the equation with Jonathan India, Brayan Bello and now Druw Jones. Between now and the 2022 Trade Deadline, El Paso will keep on keeping on, and look to flip guys like Nathan Eovaldi, Ross Stripling, Yuli Gurriel and maybe even Nolan Arenado for the core of their future contending team.

Recent Additions: Jonathan India, Josh Winckowski, Travis d’Arnaud, A.J. Minter & Druw Jones

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