HB TRADE ALERT: Royce Lewis, David Price

2020 Trade #01 | Completed March 14th | # of Objections: 0

Baseball may be delayed for the time being, but the HUM BABE DYNASTY Trade Block is alive and well. Super Sayin Shanobi’s welcome starting pitcher, David Price, to the rotation while The Thor and His Hammers secure the future of their middle infield by acquiring Royce Lewis, SS, a former 1st overall pick in the 2017 MLB Draft.


After the conclusion of the 2020 Annual Redraft, The Thor and His Hammers took a long hard look at their roster and told reporters “We noticed the far gap between us and a few of the stronger built rosters out there. We also have a huge hole in our lineup when it comes to our infield but are very flexible at pitcher.” Acquiring Royce Lewis certainly starts to fill that hole in the middle infield and for “only the cost of David Price’s last few years,” The Thor was more than happy to pull the trigger. As they look to the future, The Thor’s GM is confident Lewis will be ready to go for the 2021 season, “We believe come the end of the season Royce will be ready to make the impact on our club that Price would have, and that’s all that matters.


On the other end of the deal, Super Sayin Shanobi looks to make a run at a title as soon as possible, “We made the trade because we as an organization feel like … we can compete this year and wanted to upgrade our pitching with a guy who is on a team that would set him up for success to earn as many quality starts as possible.” Adding a solid veteran to the rotation always comes with a price though (pun intended), and Shanobi’s GM was well aware, “We did value Royce as a highly talented prospect but we have a good minor league system and believe in our other young guys.” Although stepping into his first season as a General Manager in the Hum Babe Dynasty League, a humble and intelligent sense of what it takes to compete is certainly present, “We are learning in this new league but we feel we can compete with the returning managers in the league who may have that upper hand from experience, but learning is part of the process. We will continue trying to make moves that gives us the best chance to be successful for years to come, but our priority is to win now.

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