HB TRADE ALERT: Roberto Osuna

2020 Trade #02 | Completed March 20th | # of Objections: 1 (10 required to Veto)

Immediately after completing the first trade of the 2020 season, The Thor and His Hammer’s turned around and continued to adjust their roster with the future in mind sending Roberto Osuna, RP, to the LeBronto Blue James in exchange for a 2021 3rd Round Draft Pick.


While addressing the media, the General Manager of The Thor and His Hammer’s echoed a confidence in their trade market efforts, “The plan is still the same as it was for the first trade, building for the future. [Roberto] Osuna is good, great even, but with how Houston’s season is looking after the scandal we feel as if this season is a coin toss in Osuna’s production.” Osuna is good, in fact the 10th best relief pitcher in the Hum Babe Dynasty during the 2019 season, but The Thor departs with the closer in good spirits. “A third round pick helps us looks for that next keeper in the future who can do things on our roster that Osuna couldn’t, and that’s what the trade was all about, putting ourselves in a position to fill the gaps in our roster.


The LeBronto Blue James’ General Manager jumped at the opportunity to add Roberto Osuna to their bullpen, “My team competed with the best last season. I have a young core that is only trending up, so when I was offered a ‘win now’ piece who is only 25 years old – not to mention one of the leagues most secure and electric closers – it was really a no-brainer.”


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