’20 Week Two Recap

As we hang onto everyday of baseball we can get in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, here’s the Hum Babe Dynasty Week Two Recap…

On the Rise: Straight Outta deGrompton

Straight Outta deGrompton entered their first season in the Hum Babe Dynasty ranked 11th in the Preseason polls, but has soared up the standings since then. After a narrow victory over Super Saiyin Shanobi in Week One, deGrompton pulled off an impressive 206.92 to 156.33 win over the Somalia Pirates. Their combination of stars, Jacob deGrom (32 pts) and Anthony Rizzo (39.5 pts), and young talented arms, Aaron Civale (28.75 pts) and Nate Pearson (12 pts), has the rest of the league starting to take notice that this team is here to stay. But perhaps the most impressive part about this General Manager so far has been the ability to find guys like Donovan Solano (40.5 pts) and Jonathan Schoop (37.5 pts) in free agency and insert that production into a lineup thats already performing. Their toughest match-up of the early season comes in Week Three as they take on the league’s second best point total, San Francisco Studs – 478.67 total pts, compared to Straight Outta deGrompton’s fourth best 376.34 points.

Escape of the Week: Morning Wood

Morning Wood definitely drew the short straw on schedule match-ups, at least for the first three weeks of the season. Leading the league in a category that nobody wants to lead, Points Scored Against, Morning Wood took a tough loss to the LeBronto Blue James in Week One but managed to comeback in the last moments of Week Two and steal a win from Jackal Attack. As the Jackal Attack Front Office kicks themselves for leaving 47.5 points on the bench during the Week Two Match-Up, Morning Wood looks ahead to yet another tough match-up in the St. Paul Splitters.

Early, but Not Often for Pebble Beach

Halfway through this Match-Up of the Week, Pebble Beach had managed to take a 109.59 to 102.33 lead over the St. Paul Splitters. Voting among League Managers had picked the Splitters as a 15-1 favorite but the Mulligans’ General Manager never doubted his chances to win, saying quote, “Get your boys ready to play St. Paul Splitters. My guys are ready to go. Going to be throwing up points early and often. Early and often.” The “Early” part of his statement came true, but the “Often” part, not so much. Pebble Beach’s production slowed down during the second half of the week, putting up just 50.07 points while the Splitters added 178.75 points in the same amount of time. The Splitters continue to ride their work horses in Shane Bieber (78.5 pts, most of all players), Gerrit Cole (42.83 pts) and Brandon Woodruff (39.92 pts) but have also managed to add JaCoby Jones (43.5 pts) and Colin Moran (35.5 pts) via free agency. The Splitters look to keep the trend going in Week Three against Morning Wood, while Pebble Beach will try and improve on their “Often” as they take on Jackal Attack.


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