’20 Week Four Recap

Splitters Relocate to Sarasota Florida

The Commissioner of the Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League has been called to relocate to Sarasota Florida. You may be confused and asking yourself, wasn’t the Commish located in Arizona? Yes, he has been located in Arizona but having grown up in Minnesota and being a Minnesota Twinkies fan, his Hum Babe franchise resided in St. Paul so he had a reason to frequently visit. But now having taken a career promotion offer that requires living in Sarasota Florida, the Commish will not only move his wife, but also the Splitters. The Splitters’ logo was originally designed to honor the Minnesota State Flag in both color scheme and design, so with the transition to the state of Florida, the same concept was applied but now with the Florida flag. The team plays on the road for their next three match-ups, which allows the Commish and League Headquarters to be moved to Sarasota by the end of August.

Properly Named

The Studs put up how many points in Week Four??? Three hundred thirty one point eight three… that’s far and away the most by any team in a single week so far in the 2020 season. The effort also puts San Francisco atop the Season Point Total with more than 100 points separating them from second place on the list. The rest of the league can only hope at this point that the large production coming from these hitters won’t last all season long. Can guys like Matt Olson continue to put up 36.5 points in a week, Fernando Tatis Jr 27 points, and Max Stassi 23.5 points?

Where We Were Wrong

So the Preseason Power Rankings clearly weren’t perfect. While they got some things right, like the LeBronto Blue James being among the league’s best, Super Saiyan in the playoff hunt, and a few teams definitely in need of a rebuild… a couple teams have not stayed true to their expectations, both good and bad. The El Paso Border Patrol was ranked dead last coming into the season and now owns a 3-1 record atop the Southwest Division. Morning Wood, notorious for coming back in the last second of a match-up has put together a 3-1 start to an incredibly difficult schedule, and sits in first place of the Southeast Division. Pablo and the Secret Weapons appear to be coming off a bit of a championship hangover with a 2-2 record, but more worrisome, they’ve only recorded 666.75 points on the season, just seventh best league-wide. The St. Paul Splitters however, they’ve been so bad they are moving across the country. Hopefully Florida helps them rebound from a 2-2 record and can get more out of their league’s third best point total.

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