FEATURED LOOK | Jackal Attack

The Jackal Attack franchise is certainly unique amongst the other Hum Babe Dynasty teams. As the only team to have an Owner that has hired out the General Managing responsibilities, they also seem the be the only team that starts each season off slowly, only to storm back to the top of the standings before playoffs. Owning the #2 Seed in the 2020 Playoffs, Jackal Attack has scored the most points in the League and will look to continue that effort into playoffs, against the winner of Pablo and the Secret Weapons and El Paso Border Patrol.

Don’t mind the Owner’s fiery personality that comes through in his answers below, he’s merely trying to get in your head… the GM, on the other hand, great guy doing a great job with this team.

The Interview

1 – What is your favorite part of The Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League?

“Winning. The Jackals are here for one reason – to eat (win).” – Owner

“The group chat banter is great. Definitely more interaction than last year. And as the Owner stated, we love winning.” – GM

2 – What’s the story behind your team name – JACKAL ATTACK?

“You don’t choose to be a Jackal, it chooses you. It’s a lifestyle. For those not familiar with Jackals, they are often known as the most ferocious and fearless animal in the world. Perfectly describing our organization.” – Owner

“See the above Owner’s response. I have no input in the team name and simply handle the day-to-day baseball operations.” – GM

3 – What do you think of your team currently? Contender? Rebuilding?

“We currently have the highest paid (and only) GM in the league, so he is better positioned to answer this question, but have you looked at total points? Every week just see who the Top 3 scorers are and you will find Jackals eating there.” – Owner

“Our team is on a roll. On our way to a 10 Match-Up Winning Streak while leading the League in points overall. We feel like a contender this season and for years to come. The Owner has done a great job providing the resources for our team to be successful on the field.” – GM

4 – What changes would you like to make to your team right now? Any players you want to trade for? Prospects you hope develop?

“I once again defer to the GM. Jackal Ownership would like to be on the receiving end of a trade similar to the blockbuster last year *cough cough*.” – Owner

“I don’t really see any changes needed at this time for Jackal Attack. We could always use another starting pitcher or reliever but are not pressing to make a move at this time. We would certainly entertain any fair offers sent our way, but the only trades we have received to date were rather insulting from Shanobi and Thor.” – GM

5 – Of the other Hum Babe teams, who would you consider to be your rival?

“We do not have any. We prefer to call them ‘prey.'” – Owner

“If we had to choose one it would be LeBronto as they are holding the #1 Standings spot, although they have had a pretty easy schedule.” Rumor has it, he requested that Jackal Attack not be on his schedule for the regular season, hoping to dodge us in the playoffs as well. But no hard feelings towards anyone in the league.” – GM

6 – At the top of our Hum Babe Fantrax webpage is the Banner of League Champions, in what season/year do you predict your team logo will be added to it?

“2020 officially starts the reign of the Jackal. Which fables say will last for all eternity.” – Owner

“2020. Any other outcome this year is unacceptable.” – GM

7 – Anything else you’d like to share with the League and/or Media?

“Lock your doors an put on your cups, it is officially the dawn of the Jackal. RRRAAAARRRRR.” – Owner

“See y’all in the playoffs. If you’re lucky enough to make it. We know we will be there.” – GM


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