FEATURED LOOK | LeBronto Blue James

The LeBronto Blue James have steadily held the #1 position in the Hum Babe Dynasty Standings for all of the 2020 Season. It comes at no surprise that after an impressive 2019 season where some of his best players didn’t show up, namely Jose Ramirez, that when Ramirez bounced back, LeBronto bounced to the top of the standings. Holstering the combination of power bats in Rhys Hoskins, Bryce Harper, Miguel Sano and newly acquired Luke Voit, LeBronto’s strategy of relying on home runs to outscore their high strikeout totals has paid off in two consecutive seasons. Carrying all the momentum in the 2020 Hum Babe playoffs, we will see if this team can pull-off what the 2019 heavy favorite, St. Paul Splitters, could not after their nearly undefeated regular season showing.

The Interview

1 – What is your favorite part of The Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League?

“The constant chatter in the group chat makes it easy to stay engaged. From top to bottom the other managers are invested and that’s huge for the experience.”

2 – What’s the story behind your team name – the LEBRONTO BLUE JAMES?

“Big time LeBron fan… and thought the play on words was pretty damn clever. Laughed for a while when I thought of it.”

3 – What do you think of your team currently? Contender? Rebuilding?

“Check the standings ;)”

4 – What changes would you like to make to your team right now? Any players you want to trade for? Prospects you hope develop?

“The thing that frustrates me about my team is the amount of strikeouts my hitters have; it’s astronomical. They still put up numbers but a lot of negative ABs too. I’m pretty satisfied with my staff at the moment but may look to move some hitters around.”

5 – Of the other Hum Babe teams, who would you consider to be your rival?

“The Splitters – given that they are managed by my big brother makes them a natural rival.”

6 – At the top of our Hum Babe Fantrax webpage is the banner of League Champions, in what season/year do you predict your team logo will be added to it?

“This year… and the next.”

7 – Anything else you’d like to share with the League and/or Media?

“This league is beyond my expectations. The Commish (my brother) puts in a next level effort to make it fun and all the managers respond to that effort with commitment. Hum Babe.”

Follow-Up Questions

8 – What Players on your team do you expect to carry you to a 2020 championship?

“My pitchers will keep me in the game, but I believe my hitters and the long ball will be the difference. The combination of [Luke] Voit, [Jesse] Winker, [Rhys] Hoskins, and [Miguel] Sano have been leaving the yard at an alarming rate recently and if that continues we’ll be hard to beat.”

9 – looks like you’ll match-up against the winner of shanobi and brooklyn, do you have a preference in who you play in round one?

“Either way, my team needs to show up every day in the playoffs. If that happens it doesn’t matter who we’re playing.”

10 – are you going to drop adalberto mondesi after his 2020 season of averaging just 1.6 points per game?

“He’s been atrocious, which is hard to swallow with his performance last year… I had really high hopes for him and his future, but at the moment I’d be hard pressed to find him a spot in my keepers for next year.”


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