’20 Final Four Recap

LeBronto On Cruise Control

The LeBronto Blue James continue to roll through playoffs and now look to cap off their 2020 season with a Hum Babe Dynasty Championship Title. In their Semi-Finals Match-Up against Morning Wood, LeBronto nearly put up 600 points, once again led by Jose Ramirez (54 pts) and Dinelson Lamet (59.5) but their biggest contributor of late has been the mid-season acquisition, Luke Voit (62.5 pts). Voit hit five home runs against Morning Wood, giving him sole possession of the MLB lead, along with twelve RBIs and seven runs scored. What’s scary though, LeBronto has evolved from their hitters-first reputation. Believe it or not, the 295 points produced by their bats was outmatched by the combined efforts of fourteen different pitchers, who posted 303.67 points during the week. LeBronto has outscored their Championship opponent, Sarasota Splitters, in both of the Playoff Periods to date, but can they do it again for the last week of the MLB’s regular season as teams prepare for real-life postseason Match-Ups of their own?

Splitters Hold Off Jackal

Despite a slow start, Jackal Attack tore through the Hum Babe Dynasty for most of the season – but, they found themselves on the other side of the #slaughtering in the Semi-Finals. “Slaughter” is definitely not the word describing this Match-Up however; Sarasota had to rally late and then hold off Max Scherzer and Yu Darvish on Sunday afternoon before punching their ticket to the Championship. Over the week, the two lineups produced equal efforts from the plate (Sarasota’s 236.5 to Jackal’s 231.5) but Sarasota’s pitching staff ended up besting Jackal’s by 38 points when it was all said and done. Both teams turned in seven different pitching performances worth 20+ points, but while Max Scherzer only managed 11.33 points for Jackal, the Splitters got two starts from NL Cy Young candidate Corbin Burnes that totaled to 50.83 points. Things will get interesting for Sarasota during the Championship as their pitching staff is loaded with front-of-the-rotation guys, who in real life, aren’t playing for a fantasy title, they are getting lined-up for the MLB postseason that takes place after a Hum Babe Dynasty Champion has been crowned. Will Gerrit Cole, Shane Bieber, Tyler Glasnow, Lance Lynn and Corbin Burnes show up during the Hum Babe Dynasty Championship or will they leave the Splitters out to dry with shortened “tune-up outings” during that last week of MLB Regular Season play?

Consolation Prizes

Jackal Attack and Morning Wood will have to get over their heartbreaking Semi-Final defeats quickly, as they now battle for the 3rd Place finish and $50 payout that comes with it. Jackal seems to be the favorite coming into the Match-Up, but rumors have started circulating that their Front Office has already turned their full attention away from baseball, and to fantasy football endeavors. Elsewhere in the Hum Babe Consolation bracket, the Brooklyn Bridegrooms took down Straight Outta deGrompton and Pablo defeated the San Francisco Studs. The Bridegrooms will fight with Pablo over 5th and 6th place finishes while the Studs and deGrompton will have to settle on either a 7th or 8th place finish for the 2020 season. All six of these teams turned in impressive 2020 campaigns, but none of them will have the ending they strived for all season long unfortunately.


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