’20 Championship Recap


The LeBronto Blue James are Champions of the Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League! Most analysts saw this coming several weeks ago, others predicted it from the start of the 2020 season. The Hum Babe Preseason Power Rankings, although showing the Blue James as the third best team in the League, predicted that if Jose Ramirez could bounce back from a lackluster 2019 the sky was the limit. Guess who finished the season with the second most points among all MLB players? Jose Ramirez. On top of that, LeBronto managed to add the eleventh best 2020 player, Luke Voit, to their lineup alongside Ramirez and Bryce Harper (12th best 2020 season). That core group isn’t going anywhere in the near future, making a case that LeBronto could repeat in 2021. But no need to look to the future so quickly, LeBronto’s got a Championship to celebrate, and it starts with admiring their logo’s addition to that black and grey League Champions Banner…

Sarasota Falls Just Short Again

After a tough upset loss in the 2019 playoffs, even a move across the country couldn’t change this team’s fate for the 2020 season. Despite starting the season as the favorite to win it all, another strong showing from the core group of players, and more improving transactions by the front office around the deadline, the Splitters just couldn’t get ‘er done. Admittedly, and intentionally, the Splitters will only go as far as their starting pitching can take them – and that group, that had averaged 305 points a week during their Elite Eight and Final Four Match-Ups, only managed 284 points against the LeBronto Blue James. Sarasota’s GM has shown no signs of wavering from his pitching-first strategy but as other team’s around the league begin to build their rosters in similar fashion, will he have to reconsider in order to bring home a title during the 2021 Hum Babe Dynasty Season?

Consolations & 2021 Draft Order

In other news, the rest of the playoff teams finished as follows: 3) Jackal Attack, 4) Morning Wood, 5) Pablo and the Secret Weapons, 6) Brooklyn Bridegrooms, 7) Straight Outta deGrompton and 8) San Francisco Studs. Two very impressive seasons put together by Jackal Attack and Morning Wood were brought to a close with one last #JackalSlaughter for 3rd Place; even though Jackal’s Front Office brought more attention to the fact that they were feeling upset and convinced they had somehow been robbed of a Championship. Nonetheless, Jackal collected the 3rd Place prize for the 2020 season and will look toward the 2021 Hum Babe Free Agent & Rookie (FAR) Draft, where they will select 15th. The front-end of the 2021 Hum Babe FAR Draft will be led off by the Wisconsin neckBeards, then Ped-co Park, Pebblo Beach Mulligans, Super Smash ‘Stros, The Thor and His Hammers, and the Somalia Pirates. Any of these six teams, with a good draft, could easily make a case to join playoff contention during the seasons to come – besides after this odd COVID season, who knows what happens when we get things back to normal. Who’s ready for 2021 spring training? Here’s to a short offseason!


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