2021 Rebranded Divisions

Why the Rebrand?

Until now, the Hum Babe Dynasty had sported some rather bland names for the two Leagues and four Divisions that divide all sixteen teams. The Northern League consisted of the Northwest and Northeast Divisions, while the Southern League consisted of the Southwest and Southeast Divisions. Given every aspect of this League has been custom created in an effort to make things unique and more enjoyable than a typical Fantasy Baseball League, it’s about time the League and Division Names followed suit.

With this in mind, the Commissioner went to the whiteboard and started to brainstorm ideas. Do we stick with location-based names? Maybe switch things over to more of an NHL format (Atlantic, Metro, Center, Pacific Divisions)? Or do we forget about location, get creative, and reference notable characters from the best baseball movies like Sandlot, Bull Durham or Major League? As all of the options were considered, a couple components were considered to help ensure that the Division Names would be able to stand the test of time; 1) Abbreviations – have to be able to reference each League and Division without using the full name, while still being able to differentiate them from one another; 2) Uniquely Baseball Relevant – lots of great baseball names and moments out there, has to be something we can all get behind … say an unforgettable World Series moment?; 3) Divisions First, Story Second – simply naming a division after any baseball player’s first and last name won’t cut it, has to be a simple enough name that someone who didn’t know the baseball story behind it would think it’s just a unique division name. Among other factors, the Commissioner took those three into account and landed on an option that should be perfect for the future of the Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League…

The New Hum Babe Dynasty Leagues & Divisions

THE BASKET CATCH LEAGUE, “BCL” | formerly known as: The Northern League

Mays Division | fka: The Northwest Division

Vic Division | fka: The Northeast Division

Story Behind the Name: 1954 World Series, Giants vs Indians, Game 1 – With the score tied 2-2 in the 8th inning, the Indians had runners on first and second base when the hot bat of Vic Wertz stepped to the plate. Wertz drove a ball to deep center field and the runners started heading for home while Willie Mays, the Giants’ Center Fielder, tracked the line drive back, all the way to the warning track. It was there, with his back still turned to home plate, that Mays stuck out his glove and made the play that we now call “The Catch.” Now any time a young aspiring baseball player is out imitating the greatest baseball moments, the classic “Basket Catch” is almost certainly always included.

THE SHOT CALL LEAGUE, “SCL” | formerly known as: The Southern League

Ruth Division | fka: The Southwest Division

Charlie Division | fka: The Southeast Division

Story Behind the Name: 1932 World Series, Yankees vs Cubs, Game 3 – Legend has it that those in attendance at Wrigley Field during the 1932 World Series, relentlessly heckled Babe Ruth – so much so that the Yankee Slugger had to retaliate, or at least acknowledge it, in some fashion. So, the Great Bambino stepped to the plate and extended his arm out in front of him, pointing over the head of Cubs’ pitcher Charlie Root and towards center-field, essentially “Calling His Shot” as to which part of the outfield fence he was going to hit it over. Naturally, Babe proceeded to do just that. With a 2-2 count, he hit a ball right where he had pointed, over the center-field wall; his second home run of the game. Some may try to deny the legend and tell you that he was pointing at the Cubs’ dugout. Others may claim that he was pointing at Charlie Root on the mound. What actually happened in that moment, doesn’t really matter at this point – the Legend will remain. And as Babe Ruth says for himself, as impersonated in the movie Sandlot … “Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die.”

Honorable Mention

THEME: More Famous World Series Moments

  • Broken Bat League | Roger Division & Piazza Division
  • Metrodome League | Morris Division & Smoltz Division
  • Comeback League | Gibson Division & Eckersley Division
  • Upset League | Riveria Division & Gonzo Division
  • Wave-It Fair League | Fisk Division & Rose Division
  • Touch-em All League | Carter Division & Molitor Division
  • Five Hole League | Buckner Division & Knight Division
  • Tomorrow Night League | Puckett Division & Buck Division
  • Tomorrow Night #2 League | Freese Division & Feliz Division
  • Perfecto League | Larson Division & Jackie Division
  • Expansion League | Renteria Division & Counsell Division
  • Mr November League | Jeter Division & Kim Division

THEME: Famous Baseball Players

  • Pete Rose League | Griffey Division & Bonds Division
  • Babe Ruth League | Hank Division & Mantle Division

THEME: Famous Baseball Player Nicknames

  • Commerce Comet League | The Kid Division & Sandman Division
  • Millville Meteor League | Big Papi Division & Mr October Division

THEME: Minnesota Greats

  • St. Paul League | Puckett Division & Killebrew Division
  • Minneapolis League | Mauer Division & Santana Division

THEME: Baseball Terms (like “Hum Babe”)

  • Atta Boy League | Cheddar Division & Dinger Division
  • Hum Kid League | Gasoline Division & Leenyah Division

THEME: Movie – Sandlot

  • Benny Jet League | Smalls Division & Yeah Yeah Division
  • Ham Porter League | Squints Division & Peffercorn Division

THEME: Movie – Bull Durham

  • Annie League | Crash Division & Nuke Division
  • Savory League | David Division & LaLoosh Division

THEME: Movie – Major League

  • Rickey League | Wild Thing Division & Mayes Hayes Division
  • Vaughn League | Cerrano Division & Taylor Division

THEME: National Hockey League

  • Eastern League | Atlantic Division & Metro Division
  • Western League | Central Division & Pacific Division

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