’20 Southern League Awards

2020 Southern League Teams: Sarasota Splitters, Somalia Pirates, Super Smash ‘Stros, Wisconsin neckBeards, Straight Outta deGrompton, Super Saiyan Shanobi, PED-co Park, and Pebble Beach Mulligans

Southern Most Valuable Player

Jose Abreu, 1B, Pebble Beach Mulligans

Jose Abreu shined during the 2020 season, finishing fourth among all players with 346.5 points. 19 HRs, 60 RBIs, .317 Average, .617 Slugging

Southern Cy Young Award

Shane Bieber, SP, Sarasota Splitters

Shane Bieber stood atop the League Point total for most of the season, ending up with a 347.17 point total (League’s 3rd best). Bieber went 8-1 in 77.1 Innings Pitched with 122 Strikeouts and a 1.63 ERA.

Southern Rookie of the Year

Alec Bohm, 3B, Somalia Pirates

Alec Bohm contributed 175 points to the Somalia Pirates in 2020 through a .338 AVG, .881 OPS, 4 home runs, 23 RBIs, and 24 Runs Scored effort.

Southern Manager of the Year

Straight Outta Degrompton

Straight Outta deGrompton joined the Hum Babe Dynasty for the 2020 season and managed to put together a very competitive team through the New Manager Draft and benefitical transactions throughout the year. This GM let the rest of the League know that he needed no time to get familiar with what it took to compete in this League and now has a trophy to prove it.

Southern Comeback Player of the Year

Salvador Perez, C, PEbble Beach Mulligans

The Pebble Beach Mulligan catcher, Salvador Perez, proved to be a valuable pick during the 2020 FAR Draft, earning a 193 Fantasy Point total after not playing a game in the 2019 season.

Southern Reliever of the Year

Liam Hendricks, CL, PED-co Park

Liam Hendricks proved to be one of the most reliable bullpen arms during the 2020 season, with his 176.42 point total through 26.2 Innings Pitched. Hendricks finished the season with 37 Strikeouts, 14 Saves and a 1.78 ERA.


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