HB ’21 Schedule – 5 Key Match-Ups

The Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League has officially released it’s 2021 Regular Season Schedule. While we pray for the MLB Season to start on time, and to be a complete 162 games, we get the chance to analyze some interesting Match-Ups and Rivalries that this new Hum Babe Schedule poses.

Five Key Match-Ups


What better way to start Hum Babe Dynasty’s third season, than with a Week 1 Match-Up between the two formerly crowned Champions? The LeBronto Blue James (2020 Champ) finished the 2020 Regular Season with an 11-1 record… guess who the one loss was against – Pablo and the Secret Weapons (2019 Champs). In fact, Pablo has yet to lose to LeBronto (2-0 all-time) and will look to continue that trend in the first Pick-Em Match-Up of Week for the 2021 Season.


While the two former League Champs (LBJ & Pablo) battle it out in the BCL Vic Division this season, the two teams they beat for those Championships, will stake their claim for the SCL Charlie Division Title. The Sarasota Splitters showcase two Division Titles to date, but fell 28 points short of the LeBronto Blue James and the League Championship Trophy in 2020. The Brooklyn Robins, formerly known as the Bridegrooms, won the 2019 Southeast Division with an 18-4 record, but fell 15 points short of Pablo in that Championship Match-Up. As both teams look to get their hands on that trophy that has so narrowly escaped them in year’s past, they will have to go through each other twice during the 2021 Season. Sarasota leads the all-time match-up 2-0.


Jackal Attack and the LeBronto Blue James have both established themselves as elite teams within the Hum Babe Dynasty and are consistently among the League Leaders in Points Scored. We will have the opportunity to watch them Battle For High Point on two separate occasions in 2021 as the newly released schedule squares them up in both Week 2 and Week 18. Jackal Attack has been a notorious slow-starter in seasons past, and with a Week 1 Match-Up against the San Francisco Studs followed by LeBronto, it will be no easy feat to break that mold in 2021. Although Jackal led the League in Total Points Scored last season, LeBronto still tops them by 81 points all-time (12,673.58 to JKL’s 12,592.92).


One reoccurring theme in the Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League is the clear delineation between the strength of one Division versus all others. In 2019, the worst team in the Northeast Division finished 12-10 while the other three Divisions all had two teams that won less than six games a piece. In 2020, the Northeast Division topped the League again, with three different 8+ game winners while the Southwest Division Winner finished with just seven. With the random realignment of which teams are in which Division each year, it’s tough to predict which will be the Strongest in 2021 but by Week 8 we should have a pretty good idea. Until then, best cross your fingers that it’s not your Division.


Looking ahead to the last week of the 2021 Regular Season, who knows which Match-Up will be the most important for the Playoff Picture? Will it be the El Paso Border Patrol and Morning Wood Match-Up within the SCL Ruth Division? Or maybe the Somalia Pirates and Brooklyn Robins in the SCL Charlie Division? It’s safe to say that at least one of the eight Divisional Match-Ups in Week 22 will be key to Playoff Seeding, but until we see what exactly each team is made of in 2021, we will have to guess as to which will be most important. What’s your guess?


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