Landing Spots for Thor

Rumor has it that the GM of Thor and His Hammers is actively shopping the very player their franchise is named after, Noah “Thor” Syndergaard. After a 2020 Season spent on the Injured Reserve the hype around Syndergaard is lower than ever, and Thor’s GM is having a tough time finding anyone interested. But as the Winter Meetings have rumbled along, a few potential landing spots have surfaced… and these five actually make some sense for both clubs involved. Of course, all of this is assuming that Noah Syndergaard returns to his old form… jury may still be out on that, but there’s no doubt that Syndergaard can be among the game’s best pitchers every season when he’s healthy.



Noah Syndergaard, SP

Eduardo Rodriguez, SP

2021 1st Round Pick (THOR)

THOR receives:

Andrew Vaughn, 1B

2021 5th Round Pick (Stros)

The Super Smash ‘Stros are the only club in this mix for Syndergaard that needs more than one additional piece to truly be a contender, but landing Syndergaard and Eduardo Rodriguez could change things in a hurry. Andrew Vaughn is among to most sought after Dynasty Prospects in all of baseball, but the Super Smash ‘Stros will have to decide if they want to wait for him to develop into an everyday player, or if they deal him at the peak of his hype for a chance to move up the standings now. On the other side of this equation, Thor and His Hammers would have nothing to complain about – Vaughn fits the same model as the rest of the young talent on their roster and would most likely be the first of the group to make a splash in the Bigs.


PABLO receives:

Noah Syndergaard, SP

Hunter Dozier, 1B/3B/OF

THOR receives:

Ryan Mountcastle, 1B/OF

2021 5th Round Pick (Pablo)

Pablo and the Secret Weapons won the Hum Babe title in 2019 but, with an aging roster, needs to make another strong push before having to tear things down and rebuild. Acquiring Charlie Morton late last season made this team’s intentions clear, so why not take a chance on Syndergaard and a Hunter Dozier? Dealing a hopeful prospect like Ryan Mountcastle is never fun, but it could certainly benefit the 2021 season for Pablo. Mountcastle is among the best hitting prospects in the League and would make an interesting add to Thor’s roster, which currently has no youth at the first base position.


MORNING WOOD receives:

Noah Syndergaard, SP

Eduardo Rodriguez, SP

Dylan Moore, 2B/SS/OF

THOR receives:

Jo Adell, OF

Michael Kopech, SP

Morning Wood finished fourth in the 2020 Regular Season Standings, fifth in Total Points Scored and sixth in Pitching Points Scored. Clearly, this team is among the best in the Hum Babe Dynasty but has proven one piece short of climbing over the top and competing for a title. Syndergaard and Eduardo Rodriguez would add two. I can already hear the critics of this deal though, “You can’t trade Jo Adell!” Not to mention packaging Kopech with Adell makes two elite prospects being dealt, but… all I’m saying is the potential return is worth consideration. Morning Wood is in a position to compete now, can they afford to let Adell and Kopech develop while guys like Carlos Santana and Whit Merrifield continue to age?


DEGROMPTON receives:

Noah Syndergaard, SP

Lourdes Gurriel Jr, OF

THOR receives:

Aaron Civale, SP

Straight Outta deGrompton, like Morning Wood, should be looking to add another piece if they want a chance at the 2021 title. While winning the 2020 Southwest Division, deGrompton finished the season ninth overall in Hitting Points Scored and tenth in Pitching Points Scored. The need to address both sides of the plate makes this addition of Lourdes Gurriel Jr to the Syndergaard package a interesting consideration. Aaron Civale shows signs of brillance on the mound in Cleveland, but again probably won’t fully develop for another season or two and with roughly half of the deGrompton Roster over the age of 30… you can either pursue more young talent like Civale or deal it to try and win now.


STUDS receive:

Noah Syndergaard, SP

Lourdes Gurriel Jr, OF

THOR receives:

Nick Madrigal, 2B/SS

2021 7th Round Pick (SF)

San Francisco has relentlessly raved about the young Nick Madrigal and has anxiously awaited to add him to their already incomprehensible Middle Infield duo of Fernando Tatis Jr and Trea Turner. But that’s just it, the Studs are in a position to deal Middle Infielders and with Tatis Jr at 21 years old and Turner at 27, maybe the best play is to deal Madrigal and strengthen arguably the most important part of a Hum Babe Dynasty lineup, Pitching. Lourdes Gurriel Jr makes a logical addition from San Francisco’s point of view as well, bolstering their current fourth of four Outfielders, Utility-man David Fletcher.

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