Best Hum Babe Trades To Date

Looking back on the 2019 and 2020 Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball seasons, seventeen trades have been executed while just one has been vetoed. Of those eighteen trades, these five stand out above the rest as the “best,” or in other words, most mutually beneficial. Now, as more seasons come to pass these trades may not end up as well-balanced as they are right now. But for the sake of this 2020 Offseason Analysis, these rankings have been made with the information available to us right now – fantasy points scored from the time of the trade’s execution through the 2020 Season.

Barnes for Inciarte

2019 Trade #02 | Veto(s): 0


Austin Barnes, C


Ender Inciarte, OF

A trade that didn’t draw much attention back in 2019, but perfectly addressed a need for each team involved. St. Paul traded from a position of strength, relying on Russell Martin at the time behind the plate and dealt the younger Austin Barnes, receiving some needed help in the Outfield. Meanwhile, El Paso’s rebuilding effort gained not only a younger player, but an everyday Catcher. From the time of the trade through the completion of the 2019 season, these players totaled within just 34 points of each other.

Tanaka for Buxton

2020 Trade #05 | Veto(s): 0


Mashahiro Tanaka, SP


Byron Buxton, OF

There’s a bit of an age gap between Tanaka and Buxton, affecting the Dynasty perspective of this trade, but from the sample size we have so far, this was absolutely a mutually beneficial trade. From execution in August of 2020, through the completion of the season, scoring difference between players was a minuscule 4 points. From a Dynasty standpoint, El Paso appeared to be a title contender at the time but felt the need to trade a somewhat promising Outfielder for what was an elite Starting Pitcher compared to the rest of the El Paso staff.

Lynn for Musgrove & Jones

2020 Trade #09 | Veto(s): 1


Lance Lynn, SP


Joe Musgrove, SP

JaCoby Jones, OF

Another classic example of the Dynasty youth for a rental stud trade. Sarasota was leading the Hum Babe Dynasty in Pitching Points at the time, but after failing to add any bats prior to the 2020 Playoffs, pulled the trigger on acquiring yet another Starting Pitcher. This trade was executed on August 26th, 2020, from that point, Lance Lynn tallied 98.83 points for the Splitters while Musgrove and Jones combined for 100.5 points in PED-co Park’s lineup – a 1.67 point difference.

Buehler for Flaherty

2019 Trade #01 | Veto(s): 0


Jack Flaherty, SP


Walker Buehler, SP

The first ever trade of the Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League still stands as one of the best to date. Pablo and Brooklyn swapped these young talented arms based solely on personal preference and so far it’s been an even swap! If you had to guess, who has scored more fantasy points since the start of the 2019 season, Buehler or Flaherty? Surprising (at least to me) Buehler has scored 708 points and Flaherty has topped that, with 747 points – a 39 point difference. Walker Buehler had that unbelievable 2019 playoff performance and has since asserted himself as the Dodger ace ahead of Kershaw, but those MLB Playoff performances don’t count towards fantasy seasons.

Goldschmidt for Reynolds

2019 Trade #06 | Veto(s): 1


Paul Goldschmidt, 1B

2020 2nd Rd Pick (Yonny Chirinos, SP)


Bryan Reynolds, OF

Eric Lauer, SP

2020 1st Rd Pick (Mike Foltynewicz, SP)

The most mutually beneficial trade to date… Paul Goldschmidt for Bryan Reynolds. St. Paul has apparently made a habit of dealing their young studs for aging talent as this is the third time it’s shown up on this list of Best Hum Babe Trades. Accounting for the 2020 draft picks, Yonny Chirinos for St. Paul and unfortunately a bust of a pick for El Paso, Mike Foltynewicz, the two sides of this deal came within 5 points of one another, in El Paso’s favor. Had Foltynewicz stayed healthy during the 2020 season, El Paso would have blown St. Paul out of the water with this deal, nonetheless, Goldschmidt has been a valuable contributor to the Splitters’ postseason runs and Bryan Reynolds continues to play everyday in El Paso’s Outfield.

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