Worst Hum Babe Trades To Date

Looking back on the 2019 and 2020 Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball seasons, seventeen trades have been executed while just one has been vetoed. Of those eighteen trades, these five stand out above the rest as the “worst,” or in other words, the least mutually beneficial. Now, as more seasons come to pass these trades may not end up as unequally-balanced as they are right now. But for the sake of this 2020 Offseason Analysis, these rankings have been made with the information available to us right now – fantasy points scored from the time of the trade’s execution through the 2020 Season.

Escobar for Stanton

2019 Trade #02 | Veto(s): 0


Eduardo Escobar, INF


Giancarlo Stanton, OF

The first of two trades on this list where the exchange wasn’t necessary unfair when it were executed, but rather, one side has just really turned out to be a bust so far. The Montville Mustangs, a 2019 Hum Babe team, were looking towards the future when they acquired Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton was on the Injured Reserve for the remainder of the 2019 season, and has only totaled 126.5 points since he moved to Montville. Eduardo Escobar, meanwhile, has scored 394 points for the Wisconsin neckBeards, creating a 267.5 point difference between the two sides of this trade. Not necessarily an unfair deal, Stanton still has the potential to vastly outscore Escobar, but with both Wisconsin and Montville now removed from the Hum Babe Dynasty we will get a chance to reset.

Muncy for Strahm

2019 Trade #03 | Veto(s): 0


Max Muncy, INF


Matt Strahm, SP/RP

The second bust on this list, unfortunately cannot be reset, even though the Splitter’s would love to do so. Max Muncy during the 2019 season was one of a few different options that St. Paul had for the Utility roster spots. Muncy had scored just 179 points during the first two months of the 2019 season, ranking him 75th among all hitters. Strahm on the other hand, had tallied the 40th most points among Relief Pitchers and, having just made the move from San Diego’s bullpen to starting rotation, was coming off three consecutive Quality Starts when St. Paul pulled the trigger on this move. Strahm continued that trend on the Splitters roster for a time, posting three more Quality Starts in May of 2019, good for between 15-22 fantasy points each… the problem is, Matt Strahm hasn’t had a 15+ point performance since. Meanwhile Muncy has asserted himself as an All-Star and has tallied 307.42 more points than Matt Strahm… ouch.

Bellinger for LeMahieu

2020 Trade #06 | Veto(s): 8


Cody Bellinger, 1B/OF

Carson Kelly, C


DJ LeMahieu, INF

Mitch Garver, C

Corey Seager, SS

Mike Minor, SP

Both sides of this trade received studs, nothing to complain about when you’re receiving a former MVP like Cody Bellinger… and while he’s still young! But hold on a second… the other side not only got an MVP in DJ LeMahieu, but Garver too, and Seager, AND Minor?! Holy cow, no wonder this trade received eight vetoes. Nonetheless, with the Hum Babe Veto Rule requiring the supermajority (ten votes), this trade ended up going through and has since seen Bellinger and Kelly accumulate 252.25 points less than the opposing group of four… and that’s only over a month and a half sample size. With Shanobi leaving the Hum Babe Dynasty in the 2020 offseason, the rest of the League has started to raise some eyebrows at Somalia’s profit from this deal.

Reynolds for Voit (VETOED)

2020 Trade #V | Veto(s): 10


Bryan Reynolds, OF

2021 4th Rd Pick (TBD)

el paso RECEIVED:

Luke Voit, 1B

Christian Vazquez, C

Coming in at number two on our list is the only trade to have successfully received all ten votes required to be vetoed. Thor’s GM, as part of his rebuild, was actively shopping Luke Voit at the peak of his 2020 performance and this first attempt at dealing him was not particularly going to land him a sensible return. Thor benefited rather substantially thanks to the League Veto, ultimately receiving Jorge Polanco (SS), one of MLB’s top prospects Adley Rutschman (C) and an improved 2021 Draft position.

Tanaka for Kershaw

2019 Trade #04 | Veto(s): 2


Masahiro Tanaka, SP

Omar Narvaez, C

brooklyn RECEIVED:

Clayton Kershaw, SP

Roberto Perez, C

2020 3rd Rd Pick (Ross Stripling, SP)

Unfortunately, coming in at number one on our list of Hum Babe’s Worst Trades To Date, is one that caused some unrest and tension among League Managers. The Slickpoo Squirrels and Brooklyn Bridegrooms made this trade in May of 2019, almost halfway through the season, while the Squirrels had a record of 1-8 and the Bridegrooms, 7-2. Classic trade between a Rebuilder and a Contender right? Well… not exactly. The biggest complaint other League Managers had about this trade was that it wasn’t helping Slickpoo rebuild… it was backwards. Sure, you can debate who will pitch longer between Kershaw and Tanaka (but I think an overwhelming majority would vote Kershaw.) And sure, Narvaez is younger than Perez, great. But why in the world is Brooklyn – the contending team – getting the better Pitcher, an even swap at Catcher, AND getting a Draft Pick??? The Slickpoo Squirrels left the Hum Babe Dynasty after the 2019 Season, but from the time of this trade’s execution through the 2020 Season, Brooklyn has profited 345 more points than Slickpoo’s side of the deal – an all-time high differential. You may ask, why didn’t this trade get Vetoed? Well as the fourth ever trade completed in the Hum Babe Dynasty, it was the first instance where an unequal trade had been proposed and accepted … League Managers didn’t think they would ever need to use the Veto! But maybe we are better off as a result of this trade … Brooklyn lost in the Championship of the 2019 Season (so no longer term hard-feelings from anyone) and League Managers are now actively participating in the Veto Process for every trade that comes through (see the trades #2 and #3 on this list).

There yah have it. Let TheCommish know what you think!

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