HB TRADE ALERT: Gonzales for Cease


Pablo and San Francisco swapped a couple starting pitchers and draft picks and the result was the most active Hum Babe Dynasty trade market we’ve ever seen. Four different deals were made within a matter of hours after news of this Gonzales-Cease deal was released. Teams are now racing to find pieces for the 2021 FAR Draft and Season.

Pablo and The Secret Weapons receive:

  • Marco Gonzales, SP
  • 2021 5th Round Draft Pick (SF)

Reaction: “Marco Gonzales, as a Mariner, is a pitcher I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot over the last few years. He’s an underrated guy with great command who we’re excited to add to our roster. With our key players healthy and young guys with another year of experience, we’re looking forward to completing for our second title in 2021.”

San Francisco Studs receive:

  • Dylan Cease, SP
  • 2021 2nd Round Draft Pick (PABLO)

Reaction: “The Studs understand that in this day-in-age, pitchers tend to be expendable, and we wanted to get a bit younger with our SP’s. Already having made a big trade for Thor [Noah Syndergaard] we felt the need to add another high upside pitcher. After Pablo put [Dylan] Cease on the block, we immediately jumped in and grabbed him.”


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