HB TRADE ALERT: Pablo Lopez, Drew Smyly


The London Bag Club and Pablo and the Secret Weapons have finalized a deal to send Pablo Lopex to London, in exchange for Drew Smyly and a 2022 1st Round Draft Pick.

London Bag Club receives:

  • Pablo Lopez, SP

Reaction: “Dealing [Drew] Smyly was kind of easy for us. We picked him up after a team dropped him last year due to undisclosed reasons. He was never really in our plan for the future of our club. A hell of a pitcher but we saw his value diminishing inside of a rebuilding organization, so we wanted to turn him around for some young promising arms. We got potential out of Pablo Lopez, he has a lot to prove but I think throwing a future first round pick in the mix for him showed that we are all in.”

Pablo and The Secret Weapons receive:

  • Drew Smyly, SP
  • 2022 1st Round Draft Pick (LON)

Reaction: “Pablo Lopez did a great job for us last year and as a guy who shares our namesake, wasn’t easy to give up. But his greatest asset is his youth and potential, and with our goal being to upgrade to win in 2021, we were faced with a tough decision on who fit into our 15 keepers. With how important strikeouts are to a pitcher’s point totals, Smyly’s jump in both strikeout rate and velocity in 2020 make him an undervalued asset in my view. There is injury risk here, no question, but the strikeout upside and addition of a first-round pick sealed the deal. I think this will be a move that benefits both sides.”


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