Mike Moustakas joins Pablo and the Secret Weapons for the 2021 season; swapped for prospect SP Bryce Jarvis and two draft picks.

Pablo and The Secret Weapons receive:

  • Mike Moustakas, 1B/2B

Reaction: “First base is a position that has been challenging to fill at times. While we have some potential there, when [Mike Moustakas] Moose was made available, I saw a great opportunity to upgrade for our 2021 title push. Moose is as consistent as they come, putting up over 4 PPG in every full season since 2015, and brings positional flexibility that will be helpful in the coming years. You never want to overdo it giving up prospects and draft picks, but you also need to give up value to get value, and that’s what we did bringing Moose in.”

San Francisco Studs receive:

  • Bryce Jarvis, SP
  • 2021 3rd Round Draft Pick (PABLO)
  • 2022 1st Round Draft Pick (PABLO)

Reaction: “The Studs know what [Mike Moustakas] “Moosecan bring, but we decided to continue to get younger. Moose is a good veteran for a team that needs a good first baseman. Pablo came knocking on the door and after a day or two of talking, we finally agreed to these terms – a good package that fits both of our organizational needs.”

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