Week Three Recap

The ‘Sota Staff

The Splitters have always prioritized Starting Pitching while building their roster, there’s been no question about that, and the strategy continues to pay off. The ‘Sota Staff scored 310.67 points during Week Three’s Pick-Em Match-Up, and could have topped PED-co Park’s 343.08 point total with just pitchers and Xander Bogaerts (39.5 points.) Many have been left wondering, how exactly did the Splitters acquire all of these elite arms? Well, let’s take a closer look…

  • Gerrit Cole – 2nd Round Pick in 2019 Inaugural Draft
  • Shane Bieber – 10th Round Pick in 2019 Inaugural Draft
  • Brandon Woodruff – 11th Round Pick in 2019 Inaugural Draft
  • Tyler Glasnow – 12th Round Pick in 2019 Inaugural Draft
  • Corbin Burnes – Free Agent add July 22nd, 2020
  • Lance Lynn – via 2020 Trade with PED-co Park, for Joe Musgrove and JaCoby Jones
  • Kevin Gausman – Waiver Wire claim September 17th, 2020
  • John Means – 2nd Round Pick in 2021 FAR Draft
  • Jake McGee – Free Agent add April 8th, 2021

This strategy hasn’t come without a trial and error effort though… here a couple busts (players that are no longer on the Splitters roster) just to put things in perspective:

  • Kyle Freeland – 8th Round Pick in 2019 Inaugural Draft
  • Zack Godley – 13th Round Pick in 2019 Inaugural Draft
  • Luke Weaver – 18th Round Pick in 2019 Inaugural Draft

Hot Starts

The easy part of building a Hum Babe Dynasty roster is having fifteen keepers that can carry your team. Consistently separating the best teams from the good teams however, is the value provided by Free Agent/Rookie Draft Picks. Part of the reason Wally Mash is off to a 3-0 start is they own the best of the 2021 FAR Draft Picks so far, Mitch Haniger (115 points, 10th best among all players.) So who else, that was available in this off-season’s draft pool, is off to a hot start?

  1. Mitch Haniger – Wally Mash, 2nd Round Pick, 115 pts
  2. Mark Canha – El Paso Border Patrol, 2nd Round Pick, 110.5 pts
  3. Eduardo Escobar – Pebble Beach Mulligans, 2nd Round Pick, 106.5 pts
  4. Ty France – PED-co Park, 5th Round Pick, 105 pts
  5. Adam Eaton – Straight Outta deGrompton, 10th Round Pick, 104 pts
  6. Jed Lowrie – Jackal Attack, Free Agent acquisition, 98.5 pts
  7. Joey Wendle – Super Smash ‘Stros, Free Agent acquisition, 97.5 pts
  8. Nate Lowe – London Bag Club, Free Agent acquistion, 97.5 pts
  9. Freddy Peralta – Wally Mash, 5th Round Pick, 94.5 pts
  10. Yadier Molina – Say Hey Kids, 7th Round Pick, 94 pts

‘Stros In The Outfield

The Brooklyn Robins take another tough loss to start the 2021 season, falling victim to a group of Super Smash ‘Stros in the Outfield during Week Three. Randal Grichuk, Alex Verdugo and Michael Brantley combined for 94 points in Week Three, best among all Outfield trios in the Hum Babe Dynasty. It wasn’t a stress free win by any means however; what looked to be a comfortable lead on Saturday turned into just a 3 point lead after Brooklyn managed to outscore the ‘Stros 72.83 to 34.5 on Sunday. Super Smash is now 2-1 with a total of 1226.58 points scored, while Brooklyn slides to 0-3 despite the League’s 3rd best season point total, 1475.5.


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