Week Four Recap

Two Start Week for Wally

Wally Mash absolutely routed the Super Smash ‘Stros in the Week Four Pick-Em Match-Up, nearly doubled their score in fact 515 to 262. Most of that doubling effort was thanks to four different Wally Mash starting pitchers making two starts over the course of the week. Ian Anderson, Merrill Kelly, Sean Manaea and Spencer Turnbull each toed the rubber twice, and combined for 109 points while the Super Smash ‘Stros pitching staff totaled 117 points all together. Wally Mash continues to establish themselves as a contender in the Hum Babe Dynasty League, but only four weeks into the season, their Division Rivals – Morning Wood, Straight Outta deGrompton and the El Paso Border Patrol haven’t lost hope yet.

Free Agent Pick-Up of the Week

The Say Hey Kids has the Sarasota Splitters on the ropes for the first time this season and entered the last day of the Match-Up with a 434 to 390 lead. Sarasota’s GM, being on the East Coast, had the first glance at available Free Agents that Sunday morning where only one probable Starting Pitcher was available, Alec Bettinger. The Splitters considered adding the Milwaukee hurler (who was making a spot start for the injured Corbin Burnes, a Sarasota Splitter) but ultimately elected is was too risky of a pick-up. Yes Bettinger was starting and could help make a comeback push, but the Splitters are loaded with talent and don’t have any players that can be easily dropped. Well guess who came in and swooped up Bettinger later in the day? The Say Hey Kids. Bettinger then took the mound against the LA Dodgers, surrendered two grand slam home runs in the first two innings of the game, and finished with a contribution of negative 7.25 points. That sole acquisition nearly determined the outcome of this Match-Up, Sarasota won by 18.72 points, but put Bettinger in a Splitters jersey instead, and Didi Gregorious’s late homerun would have walked-off just a 4.22 point victory for Sarasota. The Splitters GM closed the week by telling the media, “You’ve gotta know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em.”

The Division Favorites

After four weeks of play in the 2021 Hum Babe Dynasty season, four teams have climbed to the top of their division and appear to be in control. The Sarasota Splitters, perfect through four, are the only team in the SCL Charlie Division above .500, while Wally Mash’s divisional opponents in the SCL Ruth Division are all knotted at 2-2. In the Basket Catch League, the LeBronto Blue James carry their 3-1 record in front of Pablo, Super Smash and PED-co Park in the Vic Division. And Jackal Attack just barely lead the way in the BCL May Division with a 3-1 record; the Say Hey Kids, Pebble Beach Mulligans and San Francisco Studs are all 2-2.

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