Week Sixteen Recap

Playoff Picture

Through sixteen weeks of the 2021 Hum Babe Dynasty Season and the playoff picture is starting to take shape. The Splitters, now residing in Orlando, have clinched the Charlie Division title but still have work to do with Jackal, Pablo and Wally Mash also seeking the first overall seed. Brooklyn, San Fran and El Paso find themselves out of Playoff Contention at the moment, but there’s plenty of time to catch LeBronto and deGrompton should they find themselves capable.

Say Hey!

The Say Hey Kids topped the scoreboard during Week Sixteen Match-Ups, totaling 507.58 points. Despite rostering big names such as J.T. Realmuto and Jose Altuve, the Kids were led by a 66 point effort from Austin Riley and 33 points from Logan Webb. Say Hey moves to 13-3 on the season, but still lines up as a Wild Card team due to Jackal Attack’s lead in the point total tie-breaker; currently ahead of Say Hey by 188 points.

Brooklyn Tops San Fran

This week’s Pick-Em Match-Up sparked some bold predictions and trash-talk of sorts across the league. Both San Francisco’s GM and Brooklyn’s GM felt confident at the start of the week that they would come out on top for whoever Picked-Em; only one those teams followed through on that promise however. For those that don’t know, Albert Pujols is still playing, and he put 22.5 points in the Brooklyn column this week while wearing Dodger blue.

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