Week Eighteen Recap

Down To Nine

Week Eighteen of the 2021 Hum Babe Dynasty Season reduced the contending field to just nine teams. With eight playoffs positions to field and five of those already clinched, our focus shifts to the LeBronto Blue James, Brooklyn Robins and Straight Outta deGrompton. LeBronto, most notably as the defending Champion, currently sits at the .500 mark after falling victim to a Jackal Attack and sports a season point total good for 4th best in the League. Leading the League in an unfortunate category, Pitching Losses, the Blue James have seen 309 points subtracted from their total due to a stat led by Luis Castillo on their roster, who has a 6-12 record on the season. The Brooklyn Robins have really come on as of late, after a rough start to the season. Also sitting at the .500 mark, Brooklyn has the 6th most points scored in the League thus far and will look to improve upon their worst categories down the home stretch, including: Pitching Losses (2nd worst) and Earned Runs Allowed (2nd worst). Straight Outta deGrompton, the third and final team tied at a 9-9 record, has totaled the 9th most points in the League this season and has struggled in Hitter’s Strikeouts (3rd worst, -546.5 points) and Earned Runs Allowed (3rd worst, -307.5 points). On the bright side, all three of these teams have struggled in categories like Earned Runs Allowed because they are leading the Hum Babe Dynasty in categories like Number of Innings Pitched, which also puts them at the top of categories like Strikeouts Pitched. Bottom line is, doesn’t matter how you score points, as long as you score more than the other team each week. Remaining Schedules for each team is as follows:

  • LeBronto: London, Morning Wood, Pebble Beach and PED-co Park
  • Brooklyn: Super Smash, Pebble Beach, Wally Mash and Somalia
  • deGrompton: Say Hey, Pablo, Somalia and Wally Mash

Jackal Follows Through

There’s nothing quite like a Match-Up of the Week that sparks up debate in the League Group Chat. Votes for this Match-Up between Jackal Attack and the LeBronto Blue James tallied to an equal six, for each team. But when Jackal Attack got out to an early lead, there was no looking back. Triston McKenzie had a two-start week for Jackal, one of which neared a Perfect Game, but that 50.5 point total for McKenzie was good for just second best on the roster over the course of Week Eighteen. Shoehi Ohtani continues to blow minds across Major League Baseball, and did so with a 53.25 points effort including 6 Innings Pitched, a Quality Start, 23 At-Bats and 2 HRs hit. LeBronto put up an impressive 460.17 points during the Match-Up, led by Max Muncy’s 41 points, but falls to 9-9 on the season and still needs to earn their playoff berth.

What Should A No-Hitter Be Worth?

Tyler Gilbert threw a No-Hitter in his first ever Major League start, a surprising feat to say the least. But arguably more surprising than that, he wasn’t the highest scoring one-start pitcher in Week Eighteen of the Hum Babe Dynasty. Corbin Burnes had an 8 Inning, 15 Strikeout performance that totaled 8.25 points more than Gilbert’s No-Hitter, largely due to recording 10 more strikeouts than the No-Hit performance wielded. That begs the question… if a No-Hitter is awarded “bonus” points, on top of the underlying statistics, how many bonus points should it be worth? And the same question applies to a Perfect Game, if it were to occur. The Hum Babe Dynasty has already upped the anti on these point values once, currently awarding 10 bonus points for a No-Hitter and 15 for a Perfect Game, but is that enough? Should Tyler Gilbert have outscored Burnes’s 15 K/0 BB performance even if he only struck out five and walked three? Something to consider for the Off-Season Rule Change Votes.

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