Week Nineteen Recap

High Scores of the Week

After a tough loss to Jackal Attack in Week 18, the LeBronto Blue James rebounded to a League High 493.6 points in Week 19 and as Luke Voit heats up the defending champs may be too. The second and third best point totals of the Period features the Week 19 Pick-Em Match-Up foes, Say Hey Kids and Orlando Splitters. Jackal Attack managed a top five performance in their win over Wally Mash, while PED-co Park fell short of the Splitters in their high-scoring affair. All teams of these teams have clinched a 2021 Playoff berth.

Wild Card Race Continues

The three horse race continues for the last two 2021 Hum Babe Dynasty Playoff positions. Straight Outta deGrompton is now running uphill though, after falling to the Say Hey Kids and 9-10 on the season. LeBronto, as previously mentioned, put up a League High Point Total against the London Bag Club and continues towards their title defense. The Brooklyn Robins, perhaps the Cinderella Story of the season, just barely squeaked by against the Super Smash Stros but nonetheless moves to 10-9 on the year and controls their destiny down the home stretch.

Mays Division Up For Grabs

Three of the Hum Babe Dynasty Divisions have been clinched – Wally Mash in the SCL Ruth Div, Orlando Splitters in the SCL Charlie Div and Pablo in the BCL Vic Div – the fourth division however, may not be determined until the final out of regular season play. Jackal Attack (16-3) and the Say Hey Kids (15-4) have been neck and neck in the BCL Mays Division all year long and it doesn’t appear likely that the race will give way in the slightest down the home stretch. Jackal Attack has a serious upper hand when it comes to remaining strength of schedule however, meeting with London in Week 20 and Super Smash in Week 21 while the Say Hey Kids have to get through two clinched Division Winners in Orlando and Pablo. Week 22 signifies the last Regular Season Match-Ups of the year and perhaps the single-most Featured Match-Up of the Year … Jackal Attack v. Say Hey Kids. The first head-to-head encounter between these teams in Week 9 went to the Say Hey Kids, but it’s worth noting, the 50 points put up by Ronald Acuna Jr for Say Hey during that first Match-Up won’t be a contribution in Week 22.

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