Playoffs Round One Recap

Final Four

Road to the 2021 Hum Babe Dynasty Championship | Round One Results:

  • 1) Orlando Splitters (439.75pts) defeat 8) Brooklyn Robins (345.41pts)
  • 2) Jackal Attack (405.08pts) defeat 7) PED-co Park (244.33pts)
  • 5) Say Hey Kids (438.67pts) upset 4) Wally Mash (405.83pts)
  • 6) LeBronto Blue James (565.67pts) upset 3) Pablo and the Secret Weapons (497.67pts)

The stress ensues for four teams heading into Round Two of the Hum Babe Dynasty Championship Bracket. The LeBronto Blue James topped the scoreboard in Round One and pulled off an impressive comeback late in the week to upset over Pablo. Pablo scored twenty-eight more points than every over victorious playoff team, but unfortunately moves to the Loser’s Bracket while LeBronto gets to take on Jackal Attack in the Semi-Finals. The Orlando Splitters will take on the Say Hey Kids, and based on their performances in Round One (finishing within 1.08 points of each other) this will be quite the battle. Need I remind everyone that there is $450 dollars on the line for one of these four remaining teams to claim. Second Place will take home $150, third place $50 and the poor fourth place team will have come all of this way just to take home nothing. Game on gentlemen.

Hot in September

Everyone wants the MLB’s biggest names on their Fantasy Baseball roster, but what separates the good regular season teams from the Hum Babe Dynasty Champions is the players with the best performance in the month of September.

The LeBronto Blue James have been here before, naturally as the defending Champions, and sure enough – it shows. Their biggest name, Jose Ramirez, put up the most points for their team in Round One with 59 points, while Bryce Harper followed close behind with 53 points.

The Orlando Splitters put Gerrit Cole on the mound twice in Round One but only collected 30.08 points from those two starts. The top performing Splitter was Paul Goldschmidt with 59.5 points, who definitely seems to be hot at the right time but Orlando is going to need Cole, Corbin Burnes and the rest of that Pitching Staff to step up in order to claim the Championship this year.

Fifth seeded Say Hey Kids have always seem to collect points from their team as whole instead of showcasing a few big name top performers. Franmil Reyes led the way for Say Hey in Round One with 31.5 points, while a total of eleven different players scored more than 20 points during the week.

Jackal Attack snuck out of Round One with the fewest points among the victors. Led by Bo Bichette with 43 points and Vlad Guerrero Jr with 37.5 points, while Jackal touts big name pitchers like Lucas Giolito and Max Scherzer they received the most pitching points from Paolo Espino (35.83 points) – a waiver claim on August 31st.

It all comes down to this. Two weeks left. Who will score the most points?

Consolation Upsets!

Good thing the Hum Babe Dynasty General Managers weren’t asked to participate in Pick-Em for the 2021 Consolation Bracket … Upset City! The Pebble Beach Mulligans were the only team that managed to beat the lower seed that they were matched-up against in Week 23. The Somalia Pirates upset Straight Outta deGrompton, Super Smash upset the San Francisco Studs and Morning Wood topped the 11 Seed El Paso Border Patrol. We planned on testing out a new Playoff format with this Consolation Bracket but we unfortunately don’t get to see it work much. Round One results naturally matched-up the highest remaining seed, Pebble Beach, with the lowest remaining seed, Somalia, so there’s no Reseeding necessary. In the Championship Bracket however, had this format applied, the 1 Seed Orlando Splitters would be squaring off against the 6 Seed LeBronto Blue James instead of the 5 Seed Say Hey Kids… an interesting thought. Nonetheless, Pebble Beach, Somalia, Super Smash and Morning Wood are all still alive in the fight to win the 9th Place finish. London Bag Club, San Francisco Studs, Straight Outta deGrompton and El Paso Border Patrol make up the Consolation Loser’s Bracket that will determine the 13th through 16th finishers.

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