Week Twenty-two Recap

Playoffs Are Set

The Playoffs are officially set for the 2021 Season. The Brooklyn Robins secured the 8-Seed by winning their final two Regular Season Match-Ups and topping Straight Outta deGrompton in the Season Point Total Tie-Breaker; they will take on the Regular Season Champion Orlando Splitters. The LeBronto Blue James managed to move up to the 6-Seed with their win over PED-co Park in Week 22 and will take on Pablo while PED-co, the 7-Seed, will get Jackal Attack in Round One. The 4th and 5th Seeds went to Wally Mash and the Say Hey Kids. Wally Mash claimed the SCL Ruth Division Title while Say Hey settled for a Wild Card position behind Jackal Attack’s BCL Mays Division Title.

Pablo Takes Month 5 Pick-Em

Pablo and the Secret Weapon has been a quite force throughout the 2021 Regular Season, finishing the year at 17-5, a BCL Vic Division Title and the 3-Seed headed into Post-Season. Pablo also managed to sneak a perfect six for six Pick-Em Month between Periods 17 and 22, the only Hum Babe Dynasty GM to do so, thereby claiming the Pick-Em Payout. With one Pick-Em Month left to go, each General Manager will channel their best March Madness Bracket savvy and predict their winner for every Playoff Match-Up. Given some teams may not have a fair shake in the tie-breaker, Total Scored Points during the Pick-Em Period, the tie-breaker for the Playoff Pick-Em will be prediction of Total Points Scored in the Championship Match-Up.

Consolation Bracket To Try New Format

The Season isn’t over for the eight teams that find themselves eliminated from Championship contention. In fact, things could get more interesting for the group as a whole. The Consolation Bracket for the 2021 Season will try out a new Playoff Format, inspired by recent National Hockey League Seasons. Instead of a traditional bracket, after the eight teams square off in Week 23, the remaining four teams in the Second Round will be reseeded as necessary to allow the Highest Remaining Seed to play the Lowest Remaining Seed. Hypothetically, should Morning Wood (the 14-Seed) upset the El Paso Border Patrol, while Straight Outta deGrompton (the highest Consolation Seed, 9th) beats Somalia, the bracket would shift to Match-Up Morning Wood and Straight Outta of deGrompton in Round Two. In that same hypothetical, the winner of the Pebble Beach and London Bag Club would shift to the other side of the bracket and take on the San Francisco Studs, should they best Super Smash. Who knows, maybe the 2022 Hum Babe Dynasty Playoffs will look similar… let’s see how this year’s Consolation Bracket plays out.

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