2022 Season Prep

LeBronto Reigns

Before we begin the 2022 Hum Babe Dynasty Season push, let’s all pay our respects to the Defending Champion. The LeBronto Blue James finished the 2021 Regular Season with a 13-9 record, a 2nd Place finish in the Basket Catch League Vic Division and a 6th Seed position in the Playoff Bracket – and then, they stirred up some postseason magic. Surpassing their Division foe (Pablo and the Secret Weapons) in Round 1, then the highest scoring team in the League (Jackal Attack) in Round 2, LeBronto found themselves in the 2021 Championship matched up against the team with not only the best 2021 Season Record, but the best All-Time record in Hum Babe Dynasty history – the Orlando Splitters. The 531 to 428.42 victory that LeBronto pulled off in that Championship Match-Up, on paper was an upset, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that was surprised by the result. LeBronto has shown, in back-to-back years now, that they know how to win when it matters most and now… they own two of the three Championship Banners hanging up in the Hum Babe Dynasty League. Props.

Please Don’t Go!

The toughest part about each Off-Season is saying goodbye to the General Managers who don’t plan to return for the upcoming season. Based on the feedback the Commissioner has received to date, the 2022 Season will not include the following four (4) teams: Pebble Beach Mulligans, Somalia Pirates, Morning Wood and PED-co Park. These departures are not yet finalized however, there’s still an opportunity to sway these managers back into the fold so begin your lobbying! Nonetheless, the Commissioner has started to recruit replacement managers. Thankfully the two (2) General Managers that joined us for the 2021 Season have made it an easy pitch – Wally Mash (14-8) won their division and the Say Hey Kids (16-6) were the fourth best team in the League based on overall record and points scored; so there’s no reason to believe that a New Manager coming in for the 2022 Season won’t be able to compete immediately.

Note to the current Hum Babe GM’s – if you have any names to throw in the hat for new GM’s, please let the Commissioner know. Most of our new managers have come from that referral process and it has been greatly appreciated.

Preseason Schedule

To quickly sum up our schedule leading into the 2022 MLB Season, here are some key dates to be aware of:

December 3rd, 2021Preseason Activities Begin
January 28th, 2022Deadline for New GM’s to Join
January 31st, 2022Rule Change Polls Begin
February 4th, 2022Division Draw Results Announced
February 13th, 2022Rule Change Polls Finalized
February 18th, 2022Updated League Constitution Published
February 25th, 2022Keeper Selections Locked-In
February 28th, 2022New Manager’s Draft Begins
March 14th, 2022Free Agent/Rookie (FAR) Draft Begins
March 30th, 20222022 MLB Season Begins

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