Expansion Team Ideas

The 2022 Hum Babe Dynasty Season will welcome four new General Managers into the fold. One of those vacancies has already been successfully filled, nonetheless, the four new Team Brands have yet to be determined. So we enlisted Effective Logos to draft up some potential ideas for the new franchises. Enjoy!

With earlike horns, an intimidating stare, and deep hooting voice, the Great Horned Owl is a prototypical owl of storybooks and a beautiful creature that calls the state of Florida, among other locations, home. The Logo on the left uses the owl head shape to clearly depict that mascot, while also creating the letter “F” with the horn and feathers flying of to the right. The Logo on the right hand side above, takes the same eyeball shape and color scheme used in the left logo to create their Team’s Ballcap symbol. Added onto the owl’s eye is the elongated “H” shape that’s placed in a location to simultaneously create the “G” shape from the outline of the circular eye, naturally standing for “Great Horns.”

The Colorado Pinnacle was born from an effort to incorporate a mountain shape in the Colorado Team Brand, due to the Rocky Mountain presence within the state. Inside of the mountain shape, left hand Logo above, both the bold letter “C” and the snowy mountain cap shape add detail and uniqueness to this concept logo. The Logo on the right, should lead the viewer towards imagining the flag planted at the peak, or pinnacle, of a tall mountain. The flag pole running through the center of the logo, holds both the “C” shape and “P” shape as if they were flags flying each direction.

The Southern Live Oak is the state tree of Georgia. The Logo on the left uses the overall shape of the Live Oak Tree as a basis, then adds in the “G” shape in green and outlined in a wheat color. Also worth noting in the left hand logo is the negative space, or black space, that the green “G” leaves behind – it’s strategically shaped to match that of a reaper farming tool, representing the strength and hard work this team would embody. The Logo on the right hand side starts as a very blocky or square shaped “G,” again symbolizes sturdiness, then alludes to the moss that typically hangs from the branches of a Southern Live Oak and forms the “L” and “O” letters of ” Live Oaks.”

“Palmetto State” is a commonly used nickname for South Carolina, so similar to the Golden State Warriors, the Brigade tagged that state nickname as their team’s location brand. A “Brigade” is a subdivision of an army, typically consisting of a small number of infantry battalions and/or other units and forming part of a division. The Logo on the left is meant to act as a patch that a military brigade would have on their uniforms, identifying their unit from others. The Logo on the right uses the negative space (white area in the middle) to reflect a combination of a Palmetto Tree and an axe. As the trunk of the Palmetto tree and/or handle of the axe extends down through the Logo, it effectively separates the Maroon shape to create both the Letter “P” and “B.”

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