’21 Regular Season Player Awards

Basket Catch League

MVP: Vladimir Guerrero Jr, 1B, Jackal Attack

CY YOUNG: Robbie Ray, SP, Pablo

ROOKIE OTY: Ryan Mountcastle, 1B/OF, San Francisco Studs


COMEBACK PLAYER OTY: Buster Posey, C, San Francisco Studs

RELIEVER OTY: Liam Hendricks, RP, PED-co Park

2021 Basket Catch League Teams: Jackal Attack, Pablo and the Secret Weapons, Say Hey Kids, LeBronto Blue James, PED-co Park, San Francisco Studs, Pebble Beach Mulligans, Super Smash Stros.

Shot Call League

MVP: Juan Soto, OF, Orlando Splitters

CY YOUNG: Gerrit Cole, SP, Orlando Splitters

ROOKIE OTY: Johnathan India, 2B/3B, Orlando Splitters


COMEBACK PLAYER OTY: Walker Buehler, SP, Brooklyn Robins

RELIEVER OTY: Josh Hader, RP, Morning Wood

2021 Shot Call League Teams: Orlando Splitters, Wally Mash, Brooklyn Robins, Straight Outta deGrompton, El Paso Border Patrol, Morning Wood, London Bag Club, Somalia Pirates

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