Draft Lottery Results

Lottery Winners

Super Smash ‘Stros

The Super Smash ‘Stros, an Original 16 Member, currently stands at an all-time record of 21-35. Looking back at the 2019 Inaugural Draft, the first five selections ever made by the ‘Stros were Francisco Lindor, Justin Verlander, Starling Marte, Gary Sanchez and Matt Carpenter. For the 2019 Season, that combination ranked 5th best among all First 5 Pick Combos, but has obviously had some struggles since, most notably with Lindor’s hitting woes and Verlander’s injuries. The ‘Stros now have the opportunity to use the 1st Pick in the 2022 FAR Fixed Draft Order to build around Lindor, Alex Verdugo and Andrew Vaughn.

Florida Squeeze / Moose Mounties

The Florida Squeeze certainly received the most favorable Draft Lottery result from a traditional sense, but the Moose Mounties could be the real winner when it’s all said an done. For the New General Managers, these Draft Lottery Results not only determine the 2022 FAR Draft Order but the reverse of those results are effectively the New Manager Draft Order as well. So the team selecting their first Keeper from a Player Pool headlined by Trea Turner, Mike Trout, Kyle Tucker and Ozzie Albies, will be the Canadian Moose Mounties. The Hairy Tubman will select second, Team SE third, then for the serpentine turnaround picks (4th and 5th) – the Florida Squeeze. Pick your poison, but when it’s all said and done, it’s not a matter of where you pick in the Draft Order – it’s what you do with those picks that matter.

New Manager Draft Order

  1. Canadian Moose Mounties
  2. Hairy Tubman
  3. Team SE
  4. Florida Squeeze

And with that… the 2022 New Manager Draft can officially begin. Good Luck Gentlemen!

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