2022 Schedule Release

Basket Catch League

BCL Mays Division

Jackal Attack – Jackal and the Say Hey Kids took the Mays Division race down to the wire in 2021, and as luck would have it, we get to see them go at it again in 2022. Schedule Takeaways: Say Hey in Weeks 9 and 20, London Bag Club twice, Brooklyn Robins twice, LeBronto in Week 6, and Orlando in Week 16.

Say Hey Kids – The Say Hey Kids (16 -6 in 2021) start their redemption tour against Straight Outta deGrompton in Week 1. Schedule Takeaways: Jackal in Weeks 9 and 20, Pablo twice, hairy Tubmen twice, Orlando in Week 8, and San Francisco in Week 16.

Straight Outta deGrompton – deGrompton fell just two games short of claiming the SCL Ruth Division in 2021, and now has their work cut out for them in 2022. Schedule Takeaways: LeBronto twice, Wally Mash twice, Super Smash Stros in Week 4, London Bag Club in Week 6, and Brooklyn in Week 11.

Perth Platypi – Making Australia’s debut in the Hum Babe Dynasty, the Platypi may have already locked-up the “Best Team Name/Logo” Superlative for the 2022 Season. Schedule Takeaways: Moose Mounties twice, Florida Squeeze twice, El Paso in Week 8, London in Week 14, and Wally Mash in Week 15.

BCL Vic Division

Pablo and the Secret Weapons – Pablo bested the LeBronto Blue James in the 2021 BCL Vic Division race, but couldn’t hold them off in the playoffs – another repeat Div Rivalry in 2022 thanks to the Division Draw results. Schedule Takeaways: LeBronto in Weeks 1 and 13, Say Hey Kids twice, El Paso twice, San Fran in Week 7, Jackal in Week 14 and Brooklyn in Week 16.

LeBronto Blue James – Ladies and Gentlemen, your back-to-back HumBabe Dynasty League Champion – does their Regular Season schedule really matter at this point? Schedule Takeaways: deGrompton twice, Smash Stros twice, Jackal in Week 6, San Francisco in Week 11 and Orlando in Week 15.

London Bag Club – Falling short of Orlando and Brooklyn in the 2021 SCL Charlie Division, London puts their collection of young studs up against some new Rivals in 2022. Schedule Takeaways: Moose Mounties in Weeks 1 and 13, Jackal twice, San Fran twice, Wally Mash in Week 4, deGrompton in Week 5 and the Perth Platypi in Week 14.

Moose Mounties – The Hum Babe Dynasty officially has games to play in the Great White North thanks to the Canadian Moose Mounties. Schedule Takeaways: Perth Platypi twice, Orlando Splitters twice, Smash Stros in Week 7, Florida Squeeze in Week 8 and El Paso in Week 11.

Shot Call League

SCL Ruth Division

Wally Mash – One year down for Wally Mash and one Division Title claimed. Schedule Takeaways: Brooklyn Robins in Weeks 5 and 17, Smash Stros twice, deGrompton twice, London in Week 5, Say Hey Kids in Week 7, and Jackal in Week 11.

Brooklyn Robins – Looking to claim their first Division Title since the inaugural 2019 Season, Brooklyn has been handed a pretty fun schedule. Schedule Takeaways: Florida Squeeze in Weeks 1 and 13, San Francisco twice, Jackal Attack twice, LeBronto in Week 4, Orlando in Week 10, and the Pablo in Week 16.

hairy Tubmen – Disguised by a new team name and roster, this GM owns a 19 – 15 All-Time record in the HumBabe Dynasty from his days as the Wisconsin neckBeards. Schedule Takeaways: Wally Mash in Weeks 1 and 13, El Paso twice, Say Hey twice, Moose Mounties in Week 4, Orlando in Week 6, and LeBronto in Week 16.

Florida Squeeze – The Commissioner’s recruiting efforts in the Southeastern Region of the US has produced its first fruits … get it? Produced fruit… Florida Squeeze. Schedule Takeaways: Orlando Splitters twice, Perth Platypi twice, LeBronto in Week 12, London in Week 16, and Wally Mash in Weeks 9 and 20.

SCL Charlie Division

Orlando Splitters – The Splitters have never lost a Division Title, and yet have never won the ultimate prize. In 2022, they’ll have to hold off the three remaining Original 16 teams that have yet to claim their own Division Title to date. Schedule Takeaways: San Francisco Studs in Weeks 1 and 13, Florida Squeeze twice, Moose Mounties twice, Say Hey in Week 8, Pablo in Week 11 and LeBronto in Week 15.

San Francisco Studs – The Studs are used to seeing either LeBronto or Jackal Attack in their Division, and after claiming that the SCL Charlie Division Title is his this year in the GroupMe, apparently finds the Splitters a welcomed rival. Schedule Takeaways: Splitters in Weeks 1 and 13, Brooklyn twice, London twice, Jackal in Week 4, Pablo in Week 7 and Say Hey in Week 16.

El Paso Border Patrol – The Border Patrol holds a 17 – 39 All-Time record but has collected some promising young talent via drafts and trades along the away. Schedule Takeaways: Super Smash Stros in Weeks 1 and 13, hairy Tubmen twice, Pablo twice, Moose Mounties in Week 11, Brooklyn in Week 14, and deGrompton in Week 16.

Super Smash Stros – The Super Smash Stros finished 2nd in their 2019 Division, 3rd in 2020 and 4th in 2021 … that only leaves one thing left to do, 1st in 2022? Schedule Takeaways: Wally Mash twice, LeBronto twice, deGrompton in Week 4, Moose Mounties in Week 7 and Say Hey in Week 12.


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