Keepers Locked

Firing on all cylinders. Here we are post-lockout and finally starting to see the anticipation build for the 2022 HumBabe Dynasty League Season. General Managers have spent the last week locking in their 15 MLB Keeper selections and start to build Free Agent/Rookie (FAR) Draft strategies.

As we’ve learned in years past, the FAR Draft is where the best teams in the League start to separate themselves from the competition. HumBabe Championships are truly won by quality In-Season Team Management but good FAR Draft certainly sets a team up for success.

As of today, all we know is how each team’s collection of Keepers stack up. Who has the best collection of 15 MLB Keepers to start the 2022 Season? Based on Fantrax’s projected point totals for each player, here’s how the HumBabe Dynasty teams rank out…

  1. Orlando Splitters – 9560 points
  2. Jackal Attack – 8735 points
  3. Pablo and the Secret Weapons – 8371 points
  4. LeBronto Blue James – 8125 points
  5. Canadian Moose Mounties – 8013 points
  6. El Paso Border Patrol – 7922 points
  7. Say Hey Kids – 7900 points
  8. Florida Squeeze – 7828 points
  9. San Francisco Studs – 7798 points
  10. hairy Tubmen – 7645 points
  11. Wally Mash – 7592 points
  12. Straight Outta deGrompton – 7381 points
  13. Brooklyn Robins – 7355 points
  14. Super Smash Stros – 7042 points
  15. London Bag Club – 6292 points
  16. Perth Platypi – 6195 points

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