FAR Draft Recap

As we inch closer to the start of the 2022 HumBabe Dynasty League season, our General Managers now have full rosters following the conclusion of the Free/Agent Rookie (FAR) Draft. In fact, some teams have more than full rosters and will either resort to the Trade Market or have to make some tough cuts before play can begin. Previously we looked at rankings that tiered HumBabe Teams by the best group of 15 Keeper players – now we look at who added the best group of players during the FAR Draft.

Best Draft for the 2022 Season

The rankings below simply compare the total number of Fantrax Projected Fantasy points added to each roster during the FAR Draft. Worth noting however, the number of picks that each team made during the Draft varied a fair amount and the seven picks that deGrompton made isn’t necessarily comparable to Pablo’s twelve picks when strictly looking at total points added. So with that in mind, the average Fantasy Points per Pick sheds some light on the quality of each pick made.

Best Draft for the Long Term

The rankings above put blinders on towards the 2022 Season thought don’t they? This is a Dynasty League! How does one measure the Dynasty Value Added in a draft like this, you may ask. We’ve taken a Top 500 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Ranking from sources and have awarded points in descending order. The #1 Overall Dynasty Ranked Player is worth 500 points, the #2 is worth 499 points and the #500 Ranked Player is worth 1 point. Any player beyond that Top 500 List was awarded zero points. Below is the total points accumulated by each team during the FAR Draft. The Orlando Splitters showcase the most valuable pick made, at the 7th Round 2nd Pick position, in Anthony Volpe. The young Yankee Shortstop prospect is currently the #8 Prospect in baseball, projected to debut by the 2023 season, and worth 397 +Value Points in the rankings below. Following Volpe, the Super Smash Stros collected 392 +Value points from Andrew Vaughn, Pablo gained 376 from Jo Adell, 351 points for Jackal in Ke’Bryan Hayes, and 350 points for LeBronto in Trey Mancini.

Interesting Roster Cuts to Make

Nine HumBabe Dyansty League teams find themselves over the allowable roster size of twenty-four (24) players heading into the season, lining us up to see some interesting Roster Cut decisions in the next calendar week. The Orlando Splitters will most likely need to cut one of their Tampa Bay Ray starting pitchers in Corey Kluber or Ryan Yarbrough. Pablo and the Secret Weapons also have a collection of pitchers “on-the-bubble” in Paul Sewald, Dylan Floro and Nick Martinez. After moving Fernando Tatis Jr and Cody Morris to the Injured Reserve, the San Francisco Studs still hold one too many players for the start of the season – this will most likely come down to cutting either Nick Pratto, Reynaldo Lopez or Ryan Weathers. The other teams will similar decisions to make include: Jackal Attack, Florida Squeeze, hairy Tubmen, Brooklyn Robins, El Paso Border Patrol, Super Smash Stros, and the London Bag Club.

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