Week One Recap

Moose Mounties Start Off Right

The London Bag Club has been collecting talented youth for the past couple seasons, and the fruit of that labor started to surface in Week One of 2022. Wander Franco (51 pts), Jazz Chisholm (50.5 pts) and Joe Ryan (30.25 pts) are all under the age of 25 but came out of the gates strong for the Bag Club. Where the Bag Club fell short, and where they will have to continue their rebuilding efforts, is in the supporting cast to that young core. The Canadian Moose Mounties bettered the Bag Club’s Hitting Points by 83.5 points, good enough to cover their 60.33 point deficit in Pitching Points. Where the Moose Mounties shined was in that supporting cast concept; not one of their ten Hitters put up less than 13.5 points (Joey Votto) over the course of the week. Manny Machado finished with 53.5 points and Mike Trout with 43 points. Both of these teams not only walk away with strong showings in Week One, but with Lessons Learned as well. The Bag Club left 35.5 points on the bench this week and almost unbelievably, the Moose Mounties left 94 points on the bench. If the Moose Mounties had found a way to get those 94 points into their lineup, they would be alone at the top of the League Standings and almost 13 points ahead of any other team.

A Week of Exciting Match-Ups

Somehow, Week One managed to display the near perfect arrangement of Match-Ups across the board. The Bag Club and Mounties drew some interest but there were multiple other nail-biting match-ups as well. The back-to-back defending champion LeBronto Blue James pulled off an impressive comeback to top Pablo and the Secret Weapons, led by the best Week One player performance from Jose Ramirez, 77 points. The San Francisco Studs seemed to have the Orlando Splitters beaten for most of the week, but thanks to a few homeruns by CJ Cron and a strong Sunday outing from Eliesar Hernandez, the Splitters pulled off a comeback of their own. The Super Smash Stros topped El Paso by 14.417 points, Say Hey claimed their victory by just 14.333 points and the hairy Tubmen put up the League’s third best point total (603.5 pts) while falling short against Wally Mash (628.5 pts).

If Playoffs Started Today

Wouldn’t that be something if we played one Regular Season Match-Up and then rolled into Playoffs? Naturally we don’t do that, but nonetheless, with a new HumBabe Dynasty Playoff Format this Season, let’s take a look at how things stack up moving into Week Two. The Basket Catch League’s side of the bracket would feature the LeBronto Blue James and Jackal Attack as Division Winners, the Canadian Moose Mounties as the first Wild Card and a #4 v #5 seed Wild Card Match-Up of the Say Hey Kids and Pablo. The Shot Call League Division Winners would currently be Wally Mash and the Orlando Splitters, with the Brooklyn Robins, Super Smash Stros and hairy Tubmen falling into Wild Card seeds respectively. Should be interesting to see how the split-league format works out over the course of the 2022 HumBabe Season; may the best team Win (unless it’s LeBronto, then may anybody else win this season.)


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