Week Five Recap

SCL Ruth Division ShowDown

Week Five featured the second go-around of Divisional Match-Ups across the HumBabe Dynasty League and for the Pick-Em Vote, the Shot Call League Ruth Division earned the spot light. Wally Mash v Brooklyn Robins and hairy Tubmen v Florida Squeeze, with a combined record of 9-7 entering the Week, the SCL Ruth Division currently stands as the League’s strongest in terms of Win-Loss Record. Wally Mash has led the way with a Points Scored Total 2164.2 through Week Five and after a 61 point victory over Brooklyn, now holds 4-1 Record and the Shot Call League’s #2 Seed behind the Orlando Splitters. Brooklyn managed to put together 18 more Pitching Points than Wally Mash but fell 79 Points short among hitters. Brooklyn had an impressive six Hitters over the twenty point mark, but couldn’t match the 54.5 Point effort of Rhys Hoskins and the 46.5 Points from Rafael Devers. The second Match-Up of the Week, between the Tubmen and Squeeze, came down to the wire on Sunday. Behind by 30.67 Points at the start of the day, the Tubmen trotted out both Frankie Montas and Jose Quintana for starts while the Squeeze pitchers had finished for the Week. Montas totaled 26.75 points over 6 innings with 12 Ks and a Quality Start against the Angels, and Quintana got a Quality Start of his own in that strange game against the Reds where the Pirates won without a single hit. Add on top of that another 12 points from Rowdy Tellez and the Tubmen walk away from Week Five with a 3-2 Record.

In terms of the Pick-Em Pool, three General Managers picked both Match-Ups correctly: Jackal Attack, Pablo and the Secret Weapons and the Orlando Splitters. Neither Jackal nor Pablo collected a point in the Week Four Pick-Em which leaves the Orlando Splitters in prime position to earn a second Payout in the same number of attempts through 2022. Two more Pick-Ems to go, and Week Six features the coveted LeBronto Blue James v Jackal Attack Match-Up.

How Many Points???

Bryce Harper had a ridiculous week. The man accumulated 71 Fantasy Points over 23 At-Bats, inclusive of 14 Hits, 8 Runs Scored, 3 HRs, 8 RBIs, 4 Walks, 3 Stolen Bases and just 2 Strikeouts. Good for 12 Points more than any other Player in the League, Harper led the LeBronto Blue James to a 184.41 Point victory over the London Bag Club and moved the Blue James just ahead of Jackal Attack in 2022 Overall Points Scored … just in time for their showdown in Week Six.

In Other News…

The Perth Playtpi pulled off their second win of the season with an impressive defeat of the Say Hey Kids. The San Francisco Studs put a tally in the win column for the first time this season with a twenty point victory over the Super Smash ‘Stros. The Orlando Splitters stand alone at 5-0 after getting the best of the last winless team, the El Paso Border Patrol. And the Moose Mounties fall to a 1-4 Record despite a Points Scored Total that’s better than the 3-2 ‘Stros and 2-3 Florida Squeeze. In terms of the Playoff Bubble pictures, the Brooklyn Robins hold onto the #6 Seed via the Point Total Tiebreaker with the Florida Squeeze in the Shot Call League, while the London Bag Club and Perth Platypi hold the #5 and #6 Seeds in the Basket Catch League with their 2-3 Records.

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