Week Four Recap

deGrompton v Smash Stros

Straight Outta deGrompton (1-2) and the Super Smash ‘Stros (2-1) squared off in the Week Four Pick-Em Match-Up, drawing a 8 to 3 vote tally in favor of deGrompton. Often a determining factor in the Pick-Em votes, deGrompton far outmatched the ‘Stros in Games Started by Pitchers, eleven starts to just five. However, deGrompton’s 34 point advantage among Pitchers by the end of the week wasn’t enough to overcome the Super Smashing Hitters. With five players over the twenty point mark, the Super Smash Stro Hitters totaled 181 points, good for 45 points more than deGrompton. Eugenio Suarez did put up a Match-Up best 32 points for deGrompton but when you only get 3 points from an Anthony Rizzo 2 for 19 performance, and Trevor Story strikeouts out in 12 of 24 At-Bats, it’s tough to win that week.

The three GM’s that correctly picked the Super Smash ‘Stros this week were the Super Smash ‘Stros (321.08 points), of course, the Brooklyn Robins (338.33 points) and the Orlando Splitters (465.25 points). Three more weeks to go before the next Pick-Em Payout.

Squeezed Out A Win

The Florida Squeeze have officially rebounded from their 0-2 start to the 2022 Season and won in back-to-back Weeks. Week Four held a tough Match-Up for them in Pablo and the Secret Weapons (2019 Champion), and with both teams coming off blockbuster trades in Week Three, there was a lot to prove here. Led by a 46 point effort from newly acquired Jared Walsh and 46.92 points from Zac Gallen’s two-start week, the Squeeze managed a 4 point victory by the conclusion of Sunday’s games. Pablo’s acquisition of Willy Adames certainly paid off – putting up 45.5 points, 9th most among all players in Week Four – but Pablo’s second newcomer unfortunately just didn’t come through. Marco Gonzales made his first start for Pablo on Saturday May 7th, but cost the team -0.33 points with the performance. Now had Pablo’s trade with the Orlando Splitters gone through one day earlier, Gonzales’s 6 point start on May 2nd would have put them in the win column for Week Four. Nonetheless, Jared Walsh’s 8th highest Week Four point total helped his new team “Squeeze” out their second win of the season bringing them to a .500 record.

Much Needed Relief

Relief Pitchers have been somewhat of an ignored commodity in the HumBabe Dynasty, at least comparatively speaking in year’s past. Apart from the Super Smash ‘Stros, who have consistently shown a strong collection of bullpen arms, most of the HumBabe Dynasty has preferred to trot out SP/RPs for starts in lieu of coveting Saves. The Moose Mounties begged to differ in Week Four and collected the 4th best player performance from RP Liam Hendriks. It’s not every week that a closer gets handed the ball five-times in a week, and Liam not only made five appearances, he tallied five saves in a single Match-Up. Good for 48.25 points, Liam’s Week Four brings him up to an overall ranking of 121st and 5th among Relief Pitchers – behind Jordan Romano, Josh Hader, Taylor Rogers and Daniel Bard. The Mounties weren’t able to collect the win against the hairy Tubmen, and moved to 1-3 on the season, but their Closer certainly gave them something to be proud of this week.

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