Week Eight Recap

SAY HEY! The Splitters Fall

If you total the Fantasy Points scored by all sixteen HumBabe Dynasty League teams in a single week, Week Eight was the highest scoring of the season, and the Say Hey Kids were a big contributor to that. Posting the League 3rd Highest Point Total, 543.42, the Say Hey Kids toppled the undefeated giant of the 2022 Season to this point, the Orlando Splitters (5th best, 487 points). While a little bit of an injury bug has caught up to the Splitter’s mid-season efforts, they were just flat out beat in Week 8. Say Hey hitters managed a combined .280 BA during the week, Orlando .230 BA. On the pitching side, Say Hey’s team ERA came in at 5.18, Orlando’s at 5.96. Say Hey claimed advantages in 12 of the 19 total statistics that count for Fantasy Points, leaving the Splitters with tallies for just Runs Scored, Base on Balls, Strikeouts (Lesser total), Stolen Bases, Strikeouts pitched, Blown Saves (Lesser total), and Holds. From an individual player stand point, Austin Riley was the stand out. Fifty-five point five (55.5) points over thirty-one (31) AB’s included three bombs, eight ribby’s, two doubles and a triple. Don’t let that overshadow the heating-up Phillies in the Say Hey lineup though, J.T. Realmuto and Kyle Schwarber posted 28 points and 47 points respectively, and on the mound Zack Wheeler collected 28.25 points over a 6-innning Quality Start. Notable performances from the Orlando Splitters in Week Eight: Paul Goldschmidt (55), Aaron Ashby (51 over two starts), Corbin Burnes (7.83), and Kevin Gausman (18.83 over two starts).

Naturally, the pick-em vote heavily favored Orlando at the start of the week – the only two with a correct pick at the end of the week are the Say Hey Kids GM and the Moose Mounties GM. Say Hey holds a fairly significant points margin over the Mounties, if it comes to a tie-breaker, but still three weeks of picks to go before the next payout.

Secret Weapon, Not So Secret

The League’s Highest Scoring Week was lead by Pablo and the Secret Weapons, in a fashion that has their stature not so Secret to the rest of the League. Yordan Alvarez certainly made plenty of noise himself – signed a 6-year extension with the Astros worth $115 Million, and posted a League Best in Week Eight, 63.5 points. And it would appear that Pablo’s Secret of late, is finding Winners in the Free Agency Pool. New additions Trey Mancini (added May 3rd) put up 52.5 points this week, Christopher Morel (Cubs SS) posted 42.5 points, Jhoan Duran (swiped from Orlando) collected 12.5 relief points in three innings, and Rafael Montero (swiped from Wally Mash) collected 12 relief points. Some seem to forget that this team claimed the first ever HumBabe Dynasty Title (2019) and hasn’t faded out of being in the running in the slightest – this secret sauce is something to be weary over come Postseason time 2022.

Other Notables

Elsewhere in the HumBabe Dynasty Week Eight battlefield, Jackal Attack fell to an impressive significant margin against the Super Smash ‘Stros (212.5 point spread) and that coming immediately after posting a League High Point performance in Week Seven. The El Paso Border Patrol claimed their first 2022 victory against the Perth Platypi, the San Francisco Studs claimed their second victory from Straight Outta deGrompton, and the hairy Tubmen still have the worst luck in the League. Take a look at these Shot Call League Ruth Division Standings …

The hairy Tubmen appear at the bottom due to their 3 – 5 record but who leads the Division in Points Scored? (hairy Tubmen have scored the League’s 5th Most Points to date in 2022)


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