Week Ten Recap

Super Smash ‘Stros Squeeze a Win

The Super Smash ‘Stros keep on Smashing. During their Week Ten Match-Up against the Florida Squeeze, the ‘Stros led the League in Runs Scored and put up the 6th Best Point Total. The Florida Squeeze, while not far behind with a League’s 8th Best Point Total, saw a 44.5 point effort from Brendan Donovan and 33.92 points from Alex Wood fall short of a Week Ten victory. The Squeeze are now 4 – 6 on the Season and battling with the hairy Tubmen for 3rd Place in the SCL Ruth Division, but even without much promise of a 2022 Playoff run this team is doing an excellent job of finding young talent like Brendan Donovan through the waiver wire in preparation for seasons to come. The Super Smash ‘Stros can certainly understand that experience, as they continue to see their rebuilding efforts pay off here in 2022. They are 7 – 3 on the year, trailing only Orlando in the Shot Call League as a whole, and would match-up against Wally Mash if the Playoffs were to start today – certainly a contender this season.

Is this record broken and repeating itself? Orlando leads the Pick-Em Payout running again. Four teams have 2 out of 3 correct picks in Month 3 – Orlando, San Francisco, Moose Mounties, and the London Bag Club. With Pablo taking on Orlando in the Week 11 Match-Up of the Week, several other teams could have a chance at a payout if they pick Pablo and the previously named teams don’t – those 1 correct pick teams (also with more Points Scored than Orlando) include: Say Hey, Super Smash, LeBronto, and Pablo.

Cream of the Crop

We are officially more than half way through the HumBabe Dynasty 2022 Regular Season, which means it’s time for an early look at the League MVP Candidates. Jose Ramirez has been on-fire all season and has some ridiculous Fantasy numbers to show for it – 403 total points scored, averaging 6.61 FPts/G. For comparison’s sake, Aaron Judge and Paul Goldschmidt are building strong resumes for their own MVP campaigns but they are within 1 point of each other and 30 points behind Ramirez. Judge has totaled 383 points to date, averaging 5.8 per Game and Goldy with 382 points, averaging 5.79 per Game. Another interesting note towards making a case for Ramirez, the HumBabe Dynasty is obviously a Points league and in a Points League, the more At-Bat’s you have the more likely you are to score points. Well Ramirez has twenty LESS At-Bats than Judge or Goldschmidt but has found separation with his 11 Stolen Bases and Strikeout Rate hovering around a ridiculous 8-9% compared to Judge’s 29% and Goldschmidt’s 22%. The next tier of players, since it’s not too late for someone else to enter this conversation by year-end, includes Pete Alonso (375.5 pts), Bryce Harper (358 pts), Rafael Devers (358 pts), Manny Machado (348.5 pts), Yordan Alvarez (337.5 pts), Anthony Rizzo (336.5 pts), and Mookie Betts (335.5 pts).

Growing Rosters?

The MLB First Year Player Draft will start on Sunday, July 17th this year, and in year’s past, the HumBabe Dynasty has taken this opportunity to hold a One-Round Draft to select from the same Player Pool and grow their Minor League Rosters by a spot. What started as a Minor League Roster of 5 prospects has since grown to 7 spots, and in 2022 would grow to 8. A resulting question has surfaced in the Commissioner’s mind … should the rules for these roster spots change? Currently, the HumBabe Dynasty can only keep players that are actively in the Minor Leagues in these roster spots and when they are called up, they have to follow suit in HumBabe. This makes it tough to keep some of the younger prospects that are just getting their feet wet in the MLB, especially for HumBabe teams that aren’t rebuilding. So, the question at-hand is: Should their be a HumBabe Service Time allotment for players to remain in Minor League roster spots? For example: Spencer Torkelson has accumulated a Service Time of 0.061 (61 games played out of 162), should he be allowed in a HumBabe Minor League spot at under one season? Or should the line be drawn at 50 games, or another percentage of one season amount? That would allow time for Wally Mash to make roster adjustments as necessary before needing to move Oneil Cruz out of the Minors and into their Big League roster, as one example. The Commissioner wants to hear your thoughts – worth discussing and putting to a League Vote at some point? Worth making the adjustment at the same time as our 2022 First-Year Player Draft, or waiting until the Off-Season?


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