Week Eleven Recap

The Pablo Bats Can’t Be Stopped

In a Match-Up that could be viewed as one of the potential year-end Championship show downs, the Pablo bats shined. Julio Rodriguez (46.5 pts), Yordan Alvarez (43 pts), Alex Bregman (40.5 pts), and Aaron Judge (34.5 pts) contributed to the 17 Home Runs and 38 RBI’s that totaled 305.5 Hitting Points for Pablo in Week 11. In comparison, the Splitters hit just 5 Home Runs with 16 RBI’s on their way to 168 Hitting Points, and while the Splitters Pitching did what they did best and totaled an impressive 328.08 Pitching Points, Pablo was able to minimize the deficit with 219 Pitching Points of their own and pull out a 28.42 point victory. Pablo and Orlando now both stand at 9 – 2 on the Season, and trail the LeBronto Blue James (10 – 1) by a game.

Five General Managers correctly selected Pablo and the Secret Weapons to beat the Orlando Splitters, but only one of those five came into the Week having already tallied 2 correct picks. So without need for a tiebreaker, the only team that ended Month 3 with three correct picks … the London Bag Club. London will receive their $37.50 payout as a result and chalk it up as a win in 2022 while they continue to rebuild and collect a dangerous group of young talent.

HumBabe Service Time TO A VOTE

The League has decided to vote on a potential rule change regarding the Minor League roster spots, and whether or not the current rule – only players actually in the Minor Leagues are allowed in HumBabe Minor League roster spots – should stand. The opposing option, is putting a HumBabe Service Time limit on these roster spots. The Service Time limit could be any number of calendar days spent in the Major Leagues, but we have narrowed it down to the following options with the intent of not losing the competitive nature of the roster management required when a prospect does get the call-up. An allowable Service Time window won’t make it any easier to decide whether a prospect can fit on an active HumBabe roster or if they need to be dropped, but this window will give teams the opportunity to make adjustments accordingly and possibly trade pieces as necessary to make the roster work.

Options are listed below. Changes will be implemented after the conclusion of the HumBabe First-Year Player Draft, when Minor League rosters grow to eight (8). For the record, this rule has to police itself. We currently have HumBabe teams “accidentally” leaving Minor Leaguers in those roster spots after they get called up. Putting a more stringent rule within the Fantrax settings would most likely require an upgrade to a Premium League (not free).

OPTION 1 – Current Rule (only Minor League players can be in Minor League roster spots)

OPTION 2 – One Month (0.030 calendar days of MLB Service Time is allowed in Minor League roster spots)

OPTION 3 – One-Third of a Season (0.058 calendar days of MLB Service Time allowed)

OPTION 4 – Half of a Season (0.086 calendar days of MLB Service Time allowed)

*Note: 0.172 = 1.000 in MLB Service Time; 172 calendar days is the duration that the MLB equates to one full year of Service Time.

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