Week Thirteen Recap

Pablo LeBronto

Week Thirteen featured one of HumBabe’s historic rivalry Match-Ups in Pablo and the Secret Weapons v the LeBronto Blue James. The Pablo bats have been on a rampage in 2022, marching themselves to the top of the standings once again, and those bats certainly didn’t let up against LeBronto. Led by Alex Bregman’s 42 points and Yordan Alvarez’s 41.5 points, Pablo put up 266 Hitting Points – good for 46 more than LeBronto – which ended up being the difference maker. LeBronto fortunately had a two start week from Sandy Alcantara which totaled 15 Innings Pitched, 14 Strikeouts, 2 Quality Starts and a Win – 48.25 points in total – but couldn’t find enough support to surpass the Pablo performance. Pablo’s victory over LeBronto takes the Blue James out of sole possession of 1st Place and leaves three teams with an 11 – 2 Record: LeBronto, Pablo and the Orlando Splitters.

Pablo secured a big win in Week Thirteen, and simultaneously secured themselves a lead in this Month’s Pick-Em race. Leading the group of GM’s with two correct picks, Pablo’s Point total thus far (974 points) is ahead of the Brooklyn Robins’ 825 points and the San Francisco Studs’ 692 points.

Playoff Picture

Through thirteen weeks, the current 2022 Playoff Picture features the Orlando Splitters as the Shot Call League one seed and the LeBronto Blue James as the Basket Catch League one seed. The Brooklyn Robins and Super Smash Stros line up as the Shot Call two and three seeds, while Wally Mash and the hairy Tubmen are positioned to show as the four and five seeds. In the Basket Catch League, the Say Hey Kids would take on Pablo and the Secret Weapons and Jackal Attack, as the four seed, would take on the Perth Platypi in Round One. With just six weeks left in the Regular Season, every one of the sixteen HumBabe Dynasty teams still has a mathematical chance at claiming one of the ten Playoff spots.

Trade Deadline

The 2022 HumBabe Dynasty Trade Deadline falls at the conclusion of Period 17, leaving General Managers with four more Match-Ups to get their rosters in order for either a Playoff run or a jumpstart on their 2023 Season. Based on the League Standings to this point, there are a few teams that are assumed to be Sellers this Season. The El Paso Border Patrol, at 2 – 11, have already acquired two young talents in Jonathan India and Josh Winckowski at the price of a currently injured Tyler Mahle, but they also have a couple more players that may be worth moving to contenders. Nolan Arenado front-lines the group of Border Patrollers left, along with Mark Canha, Yuli Gurriel and Starting Pitcher Nathan Eovaldi. All of these guys are quality pieces, but may be at a stage in their career where they won’t be on the next contending El Paso team. In San Francisco, the Studs hold Nick Castellanos and Aaron Nola, neither of which are ideal pieces to part with, but they may be worth shopping just based on the return each of them could be worth when it comes to longer term pieces. The London Bag Club have certainly made themselves known in recent past for acquiring younger guys, but have recently flipped the script, voicing their interest in switching gears and focusing on turning into a contender. The pieces left that may be of interest to 2022 contenders includes Kolten Wong, Marcus Stroman and Mike Clevinger. Similar to San Francisco, the London GM thinks very highly of these guys being in their locker room and wouldn’t ideally part with any of them, but if the return package is right, nothing is ever off the table.

In terms of Buyers at the 2022 Deadline, Jackal Attack certainly isn’t content with their four seed positioning going into the Playoffs and may look to add a bat or two given they are currently just 7th in Season Total Hitting Points. On the other hand, the Super Smash Stro’s are 9th in Pitching Points and may be one of the teams interested in a Nathan Eovaldi or Marcus Stroman for the 2022 Postseason. Other needs include the Brooklyn Robins in Hitting (10th), Wally Mash in Hitting (14th), the hairy Tubmen in Pitching (7th0 and the Perth Playtpi in Pitching (11th). And while teams like the Orlando Splitters, LeBronto Blue James and Pablo may not have glaring needs, they have been known to always have an ear to the phone when there’s a potential deal to be struck. Should be an interesting push to the Deadline as everyone and their mother aims to dethrone those Blue James from the League Championship Banner.

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