Week Fourteen Recap

Contenders Clash

An impossible task to pick just one of these Match-Ups for Pick-Em in Week Fourteen, we went with both, and were not disappointed. Jackal Attack, coming off a tough loss to the Perth Platypi in Week Thirteen, needed to capitalize against Pablo and the Secret Weapons, or they’d give the Say Hey Kids a chance at taking a two game Division lead. And while Pablo and the Secret Weapons continues to duke things out atop the BCL Vic Division with the LeBronto Blue James, a win over the Say Hey Kids would allow LeBronto to stay atop the League Standings. Of the four teams, Jackal Attack put up the best performance with 495.92 Total Points Scored and a 33.5 point buffer between themselves and Pablo. Max Scherzer led Jackal’s winning effort with a 57.92 point two-start week. Pablo’s 462.42 point performance (Week’s 4th Best) would have been good enough in the other Match-Up however, where LeBronto’s 453.92 Points beat Say Hey’s 345.25 Points. LeBronto collected 56.42 points from a two-start Jose Berrios week, and Say Hey’s top performance was a two-start 48 point week from Logan Webb. These four teams remain atop the Basket Catch League Playoff Picture, led by LeBronto’s possession of 1st Place, Jackal’s Mays Division lead is good for the two seed, then Pablo and Say Hey respectively. The Perth Platypi have snuck their way into the picture on the back of a four game winning streak that has pushed them out to a three game lead over Straight Outta deGrompton for the 5th and final BCL Playoff Seed.

Through three weeks of Month 4, only one GM has correctly selected all four Match-Ups – and he calls his team the Studs. A fifth correct selection to close the month will guarantee his Payout Collection, while a incorrect pick would open the door to some 3/4 Teams with higher point totals: Jackal Attack (1429.2), LeBronto (1320.8), hairy Tubmen (1319.7) and Brooklyn (1245.1).

Leif The Splitter Mascot

There is not shortage of Breaking News in Orlando. In terms of Week Fourteen performance, the Splitters claimed the League’s best team performance by a whopping 63.33 Point margin. Gerrit Cole was the Week 14 League MVP with a 64.75 point two-start week, while a midweek acquisition in the form of Leody Taveras (2nd Most Points across the League in Week 14) bolstered the Splitter effort further. The third highest point total for the Splitters was good for 15th Best in the League, but Juan Soto’s 45 points isn’t why the entire baseball world is talking about him. The prized 23 year old reportedly turned down an extension offer from the Washington Nationals and now appears to be on the Trade Block ahead of the 2022 MLB Trade Deadline (he is certainly not on the HumBabe Dynasty Trade Block). With rumors flying about on where Juan Soto could land, it’s worth noting that his career splits heavily favor certain ballparks. In Citi Field (NY Mets), Soto has posted an insane .382/.460/.776 slash line through 76 At-Bats. The only stadium with a better Soto slash line, Yankee Stadium (.667/.750/2.667), but those number boil down to two homeruns in three total At-Bats there. All that to say, this is also the Week where the Orlando Franchise choose to introduce the first ever HumBabe Dynasty Mascot in Leif The Splitter Mascot. The name “Leif” has been reserved for this General Manager’s first born son – but following a formal Veto from his wife – he’s instead elected to give it to his Franchise’s Mascot… sad day on that front, undoubtedly, but a great week to be a Splitter fan.

First Year Player Draft

Here we are at the All-Star Break of the 2022 Season, which also means its time to gear up for our First Year Player Draft. The one round Draft has it’s selection order determined by the Reverse Order of the Standings at the time of the MLB Rookie Draft, which falls in the following order: 1) El Paso, 2) London, 3) Canada, 4) Florida, 5) deGrompton, 6) San Francisco, 7) hairy, 8) Perth, 9) Wally, 10) Brooklyn, 11) Say Hey, 12) Jackal, 13) Super Smash, 14) Pablo, 15) LeBronto and 16) Orlando. This year’s draft class features Druw Jones, Jackson Holliday, Termarr Johnson and Elijah Green. The only player drafted by an MLB Club that is unavailable in the HumBabe Dynasty is Kumar Rocker – who was previously selected, then stashed, by the San Francisco Studs. This milestone will also add a 8th Minor League Roster Spot to the HumBabe Dynasty clubs, and allow teams to get their first stab at this Draft Class. Any player from this Draft Class that is not selected in the HumBabe FYPD will be unavailable until the 2023 Free Agent/Rookie Draft. It’s also worth noting, as we approach our Trade Deadline, that these picks are tradeable. Get the War Rooms ready gentlemen.

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