Week Seventeen Recap


Week Seventeen featured a BCL Mays Division rivalry between two teams that have already punched their tickets to the 2022 Postseason, the Say Hey Kids and Perth Platypi. While the Platypi managed to mathematically eliminate the next closest playoff contender (London Bag Club) last week, they aren’t don’t jockey for position in the Wild Card Seeding, and the Say Hey Kids still have a chance to take the Division Title from Jackal Attack before the end of the season. During their head-to-head Match-Up, Josh Rojas led the Say Hey Kids to the win column thanks to his Match-Up best 42.5 point performance. Say Hey totaled the fourth most points in the League during Week 17, while Perth came in at twelfth with 350 total points. Rojas has heated up over the past few weeks, bumping his Points per Game (PTS/G) average from 3.02 PTS/G in June to 4.2 PTS/G in July and now to 4.56 PTS/G in August.

Nine General Managers correctly selected the Say Hey Kids in this week’s Pick-Em, but last week’s sole leader, Brooklyn, was not one of them. So Month Five of Pick-Em now has ten teams tied at one correct pick; two weeks to play. Week Eighteen should divide the crowd fairly down the middle with a Brooklyn v Jackal Attack Match-Up, and then depending on the results of Week Eighteen, we may end up with a Week Nineteen Match-Up that would determine who takes the BCL Mays Division trophy home this year (Say Hey Kids vs Jackal Attack).

Trade Deadline

Just like that, the 2022 HumBabe Dynasty Trade Deadline has come and gone. Since the start of the Regular Season, HumBabe saw sixteen trades successfully executed – starting with the deal that sent Kyle Tucker from the Florida Squeeze to LeBronto, and ending this week with another Florida Squeeze deal to acquire Steven Matz, Jarren Duran and Ian Anderson. Two trades were formally Vetoed this season – both of fairly significant magnitude. Manny Machado nearly found himself in an Orlando Splitter uniform, which would have sent Spencer Strider and a package of other players to the Moose Mounties, and Aaron Nola just about landed in Nashville for the price of a two pitching prospects before ultimately getting shipped to the Say Hey Kids for a much steeper price. All-in it’s been a great season for those General Managers that like to participate in the Trade Market – from both the perspective of teams rebuilding, and those contending for the 2022 Trophy.

Playoff Format

Between the 2021 and 2022 Seasons, League Managers voted to adjust our playoff bracket format – well, we needed to vote again just this week. What was originally a ten team format, meant to mimic the MLB 2021 Playoff Bracket, is now a ten team format meant to more so mimic the MLB 2022 Playoff Bracket. The problem we identified in the first, was the disadvantages that surprisingly came along with earning a Number One Seed. Where as the MLB top teams get rewarded by taking on an opponent who’s already spent one of their best pitchers in a Wild Card Play-In game, the HumBabe Dynasty top teams would have to take down two different opponents at the same time, leaving them twice as likely to suffer a fluke defeat in Round One. So a poll was established with the following Alternative Solutions:

ALT #1 – One Seed’s choose their First Round opponent between 3, 4 & 5 Seeds. The Two Seed then faces the other two teams simultaneously.

ALT #2 – One Seed plays the Five Seed straight up, and the Two Seed plays the 3 & 4 Seeds simultaneously.

ALT #3 – Rotisserie Style where seeding doesn’t matter for Round One, the two highest scoring teams of the five move to the next round.

And the results: 9 votes for ALT #1… 4 votes for ALT #2… 3 votes for ALT #3.


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