Week Eighteen Recap

Robins Flying High

To recap this Match-Up of the Week, you’re probably best served by going to Twitter and reading through the jabs these Front Office exchanged over the course of the week.

The Final Score of Brooklyn’s 524 points to Jackal’s 488.58 points doesn’t quite do the intensity of the Match-Up justice. On Friday night, with just a weekend left to play, Jackal led Brooklyn by two points and still had Shohei Ohtani scheduled to throw against arguably the most favorable MLB team from a pitcher’s perspective – the Detroit Tigers. When Shohei managed to collect just 0.5 points in that Start, his second worst pitching performance of the year, Jackal’s Owner claimed that he was ready to part ways with the Superstar – when in actuality, they just parted with a Week 18 Victory. The Robins were led by 47 point performer Sean Murphy and 41.25 point two-start weeker Justin Steele, unlikely sources when compared to others in the Brooklyn uniform like Mookie Betts and Tony Gonsolin. A return of Dustin May certainly helped as well; 25 points over five innings pitched is a promising sight heading into the HumBabe Postseason. Both Brooklyn and the Jackal Attack have clinched their Playoff Berths as #2 Seeds on opposite sides of the bracket, so their only chance to go to war in the Twitterverse again would be in the League Championship.

One Week Left

The list of 2022 HumBabe Dynasty Playoff Teams has officially been locked in. The Orlando Splitters, the top Shot Call League seed, will select either the Super Smash Stros, hairy Tubmen or Wally Mash as their opponent for Round One and leave the other two teams for the Brooklyn Robins to take on. The back-to-back Defending Champion (LeBronto Blue James) is in position to claim another #1 Seed for themselves, this time on the Basket Catch League side of the bracket, and would have their choice of Pablo and the Secret Weapons, the Say Hey Kids or the Perth Platypi for Round One. However, Pablo can still hold out hope for securing the #1 Seed for themselves – in Week 19, they need a win over the London Bag Club, a LeBronto loss to the Moose Mounties and a point total great than LeBronto’s to win the tiebreaker while sharing a 15 – 4 Regular Season record with them. Jackal Attack will most likely represent the #2 Seed for the BCL, as the Mays Division Winner, and take on two of those three teams in Round One. Fantrax will show the #2 Seeds in two different Match-Ups during the one calendar week Match-Up, when in actuality the #4 and #5 Seeds are competing against each other for the rights at taking down the #2 Seed. The highest scoring team between those three teams, within each respective bracket, will take on the winner of the #1 vs #5 Match-Ups during the two calendar weeks of the Semi-Finals. Good Luck Gentlemen.

Consolation Bracket

For the six HumBabe teams that did not gain entry to the Championship Playoff Bracket, a Consolation Bracket will be formed. Given the total of six teams, a traditional bracket and the bracket we’ve used in passed Seasons doesn’t fit here in 2022. Therefore, the top remaining seed in each League will be granted a Round One BYE while the bottom two teams square off. For the Basket Catch League, the Nashville Stars are currently in position for that BYE but will have to hold off the London Bag Club during Week 19. The Moose Mounties will take on the lower ranking team. The Shot Call League bracket has guarenteed a BYE to the San Francisco Studs, who will take on the Winner between the Florida Squeeze and the El Paso Border Patrol for the Consoliation Semi-Finals. Reminder: both the Championship Playoff Bracket and the Consolation Bracket have no effect on the 2023 Draft Order, that will be finalized at the conclusion of the final Regular Season Match-Ups in Week 19.


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