Offseason Schedule

Key Dates

To quickly sum up our schedule leading into the 2023 MLB Season, here are some dates to be aware of:

October 5th, 20222022 Season Finish
Oct 24th – Nov 4thEarly Rule Change Polls
January 27th, 2023Deadline for New GM’s to Join
January 28thTentative Date for Virtual “Winter Meeting”
Jan 30th – Feb 10thRemaining Rule Change Polls
February 11thUpdated League Constitution Published
February 18thDivision Draw Resulted Released
February 25thKeeper Selections Locked-In
February 28thNew Manager’s Draft Begins
March 13thFree Agent/Rookie (FAR) Draft Begins
March 30th2023 MLB Season Begins

Early Rule Change Polls

The Commissioner has decided to hold some Early Rule Change Polls this offseason while a completed season (and playoff format) is fresh on our mind. With that, only General Managers that have committed to return for the 2023 Season will be included in the forum (14 GM’s) and will each be given the opportunity to share their opinion on each poll as we move through them one-by-one. Below is the initial list of the polls that we will begin tackling this coming week (October 24th), please feel free to suggest additions / revisions / subtractions / etc. but perhaps more importantly – prepare your opening arguments.

Playoff FormatNumber of Teams, Bracket Style, Etc.
Payout PositionsShould Division Winners receive Payouts?
(Recommendation to counter lack of Home Field advantage in HumBabe Postseason Match-Ups)
Service TimeWill determine which players are Minor League eligible for Keepers

League Memos will be issued this weekend (October 22nd – 23rd) as study guides for each of these topics and the Commissioner’s suggested options. From there, we enter the League Group Chat to hear each others opinions, finalize the Poll Options, then put each to a vote. This will require roughly two weeks of participation from all GM’s while we watch some playoff baseball. On the other side of that two weeks, stands an improved League Constitution and a 2023 Season to be excited about.

Remaining Rule Change Polls

The additional Polls listed below will be tackled in the weeks leading into the 2023 Season, this will allow New Managers to get downloaded on some of our unique League traits and participate in Rule Changes. Should you have suggested changes to this list, please let the Commissioner know.

Draft OrderShould there be anti-tanking rules? (Would go into effect for 2024 Draft)
Point Value AdjustmentsIs this the Offseason were we adjust Pitching Point Values like how much a Strikeout is worth? We’ve seen 5 Inning, 10 K, Losing performances by pitchers outscore Complete Games with fewer strikeouts, is that what we want? Can we make an adjustment while keeping Hitters and Pitchers somewhat equal values? Etc.
Division Draw RulesConfirm we are establishing new Divisions in the best manner possible prior to season (Current: Division Winners stay put, remaining teams drawn at random in a tiered structure)
Consolation Bracket Worth It?Apart from 1st, 2nd and 3rd Finishers, other match-ups during our Postseason have no affect on anything (Draft Order determined by Regular Season standings) – should we be playing those Match-Ups, or just let the teams still alive play on their own? Or, should the Consolation Bracket determine something like Draft Order? Etc.
Transaction LimitStill good with 5 Transactions Weekly?
Veto ProcessHow many Veto Votes should be required to cancel a trade? When should the Commissioner step in?
Entry FeeStaying at $75? Increase? Decrease?

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