League History Update

As we turn our calendars to 2023, let’s acknowledge the past (briefly, since it’s littered with LeBronto Blue James championships) and then move into the upcoming season with a head of steam.

All-Time Statistics

The HumBabe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League, established in 2019, now has four seasons under it’s belt and eight (8) General Managers remaining from the Original Sixteen (Orlando Splitters, Brooklyn Robins, Lone Star Drillers, Jackal Attack, LeBronto Blue James, Pablo and the Secret Weapons, Golden City Gatekeepers, & Super Smash ‘Stros.) To level the All-Time Leaderboard, teams are shown in the order of best Winning Percentage over their respective tenure.

Winning a League Championship not only lands your team’s logo on the Champion’s Banner, but it also comes with a substantial cash payout. LeBronto’s back-to-back-to-back League Championships has made them the first Franchise to surpass a Net Profit of $1,000 and they’ve left everyone else in the dust. The Splitters have claimed their share of second place prizes and hold the second best financial position, while Pablo and the Secret Weapons are still on the plus side of the equation from their Inaugural League Championship and hold onto third place. Who will claim the prize in Season #5?


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