Week One Recap

Brooklyn Takes Down The Champ

The LeBronto Blue James paraded three League Championship crowns atop their hats as they trotted into the 2023 season, and started their quest for a four-peat against the Brooklyn Robins. Apparently, the Robins turned a blind eye to LeBronto’s trophy case, or maybe they had a chip on their shoulder, because they took names in Week One. Matt Chapman (70.5 pts) and Will Smith, C (65.5 pts) led a Brooklyn hitting effort that eclipsed LeBronto’s hitters by 135 points. LeBronto maintained an edge on the mound, posting 317 pitching points compared to Brooklyn’s 303, but was left with a sour taste in their mouth nonetheless. When Sandy Alcantara’s complete game shutout produced 25.25 points on the same night as Julio Urias’s 24 points from 6 Strikeouts over 6 Innings Pitched – LeBronto’s GM voiced their frustration, stating that Sandy’s performance was worth more than a 1.25 point spread when comparing the stat line to that of Urias for Brooklyn. Certainly not the first time HumBabe Dynasty has had this discussion – strikeouts continue to be king on the mound.

Brooklyn (1-0) takes on the Eastside Bombers (0-1) in Week Two, and LeBronto (0-1) will look to get in the win column against the Nashville Stars (1-0).

Wally Mash’s Tough Draw

Wally Mash fell into the Shot Call League’s Charlie Division during this year’s Division Draw – the stomping grounds of the Orlando Splitters. So why not start the season off with a match-up against the four-time Charlie Division Champ? Well, because the Splitters put up a league best point total (765 points) in Week One, good for 43 more points than the second highest point total, and 132 points more than Wally Mash. Rafael Devers (61.5 pts) and Freddy Peralta (50 pts) led Wally Mash in a 633 point effort, the best performance among the teams that now stand with an 0-1 record, and would have claimed victory against twelve of fifteen HumBabe teams.

Orlando starts yet another season with aspirations to win-it-all and thanks Xander Bogaerts (63.5 pts), Gerrit Cole (60.42 pts), and fourteen of their players that posted more than 30 pts, for their Week One victory. The Orlando wrecking ball will swing it’s way towards the Perth Platypi (1-0) in Week Two.

Surprise Stars

Take a look at Week One’s top player performances, and Mike Trout (65 pts, ESB) at 7th best would be the first player that doesn’t come as a surprise. Bryan Reynolds is slashing .405/.415/.919 through one week of play, and his five homeruns contributed to a league best 87.5 points for the Lone Star Drillers. Following behind Reynolds was Adam Duval (85.5 pts, NSH), Matt Chapman (75.5 pts, BKN), Randy Arozarena (67.5 pts, LoD), Matt Olson (66 pts, GCG), and Will Smith, C (65.5 pts, BKN). On the pitching front, Jeffrey Springs led the way with 61.5 points for the Eastside Bombers over two starts. Gerrit Cole (60.42 pts, SPLT), Nick Lodolo (55 pts, GCG), Drew Rasmussen (54.5 pts, ESB), Shohei Ohtani (52.25 pts, JKL), Marcus Stroman (50.25 pts, LON), and Freddy Peralta (50 pts, MASH) also broke the 50 point threshold and claimed Top-7 performances respectively.


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